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Batman V. Superman

  1. on the state of modern cinema
    Ridley Scott Thinks Most Movies Are Bad Now, Superhero Movies Especially So“I hope it doesn’t affect those of us who still keep making smart films.”
  2. pure speculation
    Superman Has a New Black Suit in Justice League Maybe he was just inspired by Batman?
  3. box office futures
    Suicide Squad’s Records Are Nice, But Its Run Probably Won’t End WellDC does not want to find itself in the position of needing to convince ostensibly loyal fans to actually see its films.
  4. supervillains
    Jesse Eisenberg Discusses Lex Luthor’s ReturnHe says he loves all the people working on Justice League. That’s nice.
  5. ironing out the details
    Jeremy Irons Doesn’t Even Try to Defend BvSHe doesn’t mind “a bit of an income,” though.
  6. mulligan
    Warner Shuffles Execs After BvS MisstepJon Berg and Geoff Johns will now co-run a new division called DC Films, according to THR.
  7. chat room
    Eisenberg on Acting in Batman v Superman, IndiesThe actor-writer is mastering the act of jumping between blockbusters and small-scale fare.
  8. box office
    Did Moviegoers Abandon Batman v Superman?And if thou gaze long into Zach Snyder’s abyss, the abyss will also gaze into thee, and his movie will probably make less money.
  9. hello darkness my old friend
    Sad Ben Affleck, Like Batman, Has Seen the Future and Doesn’t Like What It HoldsYou’d be sad, too, if you had to do this many interviews when you’d rather be anywhere else.
  10. box office
    Holy Money! Batman v Superman Makes $424 MillionBatman wasn’t the only one doing some killing over the weekend.
  11. the talk show host we deserve
    Conan Drives the Batmobile and, Unlike Ben Affleck, Doesn’t Brood or Kill AnyoneNa na na na na na na na Co-nan!
  12. it's raining (super)men
    Weather Forecaster Does a Bunch of BvS PunsIt’s raining puns.
  13. last night on late night
    Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill Do Batman’s VoiceIt’s Henry v. Ben as Batman.
  14. movie reviews
    Review: Batman v Superman, a Confused Epic There can be no true endings in this superhero universe.
  15. cancellations
    BVS Cancels Red Carpet After Brussels Attack“Rather than yield to terror, we’ve decided to join the film’s fans and move forward with the premiere.”
  16. What Film and TV Adaptations Don’t Get About Wonder WomanThe superhero may be iconic, but watching her adaptations proves she doesn’t get much respect.
  17. The Batman v Superman Superfan Starter KitThree comic-book collections that everyone interested in the world’s most superheroic friendship between Batman and Superman should own.
  18. What We Talk About When We Talk About Batman and SupermanPolitics, mostly. And American empire.
  19. critiques
    Bale Wasn’t Completely Stoked With His Batman“I didn’t quite nail it.”
  20. kids telling you how they really feel
    Cavill Asks Kids If Superman Can Beat BatmanAll in the name of charity.
  21. trailer park
    Batman v Superman Final Trailer: Let’s Get to the Good Stuff, Shall We?It’s intense.
  22. upgrades on upgrades
    Batman’s New Batcave Comes With Upgraded AlfredHere are pics and quotes to prove it — Fox News, are you jealous?
  23. glorious 70mm
    Batman v Superman May Screen on 70mmSo you can see two superhero destroys entire cities in “glorious 70mm.”
  24. under pressure
    Ben Affleck Is Feeling Lots of Batman PressureHe’s not bullshitting anybody.
  25. batman returns
    Zack Snyder Lays Out His Vision for BatmanHe talks about the first time Ben Affleck put on the Batsuit.
  26. vulture remix
    Batman v Superman Should’ve Come Out in 1949Our latest Vulture Remix.
  27. new yorker festival
    Jesse Eisenberg May Stalk You, But He Won’t Get Stoned With YouAlso, he had fun turning the cartoony villain Lex Luthor into a scary reality.
  28. party chats
    Michael Shannon Once Got Stuck in a Porta PottyYes, flippers.
  29. cars
    Batman v Superman’s Batmobile Is Basically Just a Gun With WheelsThere goes his “no gun” policy.
  30. teaser action
    Zack Snyder Teases First Glimpse of Batman v SupermanThis Batman v Superman trailer is going to be an event.
  31. old dogs and new tricks
    Dear Hollywood: Stop Using Frank Miller’s Batman Stories As Source MaterialGet some new ideas. We’ll help.
  32. pics
    What Superman Will Look Like in Batman v SupermanWatch out, Batman.
  33. casting couch
    Batman vs. Superman Movie Finds Its Wonder WomanFast and Furious actress Gal Gadot.
  34. casting couch
    The Search for a New Batman Begins Yet AgainWho will play the Caped Crusader in the Man of Steel sequel?
  35. comic-con 2013
    History: Batman and Superman — Partners, Fighters, Bed SharersThe Man of Steel sequel will feature DC Comic’s most prominent superheroes. They’ve met many times before.