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Batman Vs. Superman

  1. movies
    Zack Snyder Will Direct a Justice League MovieAs a follow-up to Batman vs. Superman.
  2. Watch Scott Gairdner Enact Jesse Eisenberg’s ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Audition This isn’t the first time Scott Gairdner (Conan, Funny Or Die) has posed as Jesse Eisenberg for a fake audition tape, but it’s certainly the […]
  3. release dates
    Batman vs. Superman Release Date Pushed Way Back The filmmakers need some extra time to “realize fully their vision.”
  4. villains we love
    Joaquin Phoenix Eyed for Batman vs. SupermanAs the Big Bad.
  5. new gigs
    Argo Writer Taking Over Batman vs. SupermanThanks, Ben.
  6. comic-book movies
    Superhero Movies Are Getting Too GreedyToo many villains, way too many heroes, and now there’s all this “world-building” … can’t these franchises just concentrate on being good?
  7. casting couch
    Who Could Jason Momoa Play in the New Superman Movie?He’s said to be in talks to join the cast.
  8. casting couch
    Adam Driver Will Not Be Playing NightwingIn the Man of Steel sequel. Sorry.
  9. pranks
    Justin Bieber Probably Will Not Play Robin in the Man of Steel SequelDespite what his Instagram may suggest.
  10. why he did it
    Batman: Ben Affleck Still Wants to Be a Big StarThree thoughts on why he took the Batman gig.
  11. looking forward looking back
    What Everyone Said the Last Time Ben Affleck Played a SuperheroOf Daredevil, the Times wrote that Affleck was “shriveled by the one-dimensional role.”
  12. batman vs. superman
    Ben Affleck Is the Man of Steel Sequel’s BatmanAbsolutely no one’s first guess.
  13. what's in a name?
    Report: Man of Steel Sequel May Be Titled Batman vs. Superman Says screenwriter David S. Goyer.