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  1. swoleness
    How Zac Efron Got So Hauntingly Swole for BaywatchWe talk to his Baywatch trainer about how, exactly, we (and Zac) got here.
  2. box office
    Baywatch Is Doing Great in Germany, Where They Still Love David HasselhoffThe Rock thanked the film’s German fans on Instagram.
  3. Don’t Blame Critics When Your Blockbusters Are BadBoth Pirates and Baywatch had bigger problems than their Rotten Tomatoes scores.
  4. box office
    Pirates of the Caribbean Boasts a No. 1 at the Weekend Box OfficeDead men are allowed to brag a little.
  5. movie review
    Movie Review: Baywatch Has Ironic Jiggles, a Few GigglesDwayne Johnson and Zac Efron make a fine pair of chiseled clowns.
  6. Male Stars Are Too Buff NowI’m worried that our current leading men are just one scoop of protein powder away from total renal failure.
  7. sequels forever
    Baywatch Is Not Out Yet, But Producers Are Already Planning the SequelTurns out the secret to the Rock’s franchise success is co-star Alexandra Daddario!
  8. last night on late night
    Neil deGrasse Tyson Critiques the Science of Alien: Covenant on Late ShowIn space, no one can hear Neil point out that sound can’t travel in space.
  9. The Rock and Zac Efron Fight Crime, Prevent Sunburns in The Baywatch TrailerOf course, there’s some running in slow motion.
  10. trailer mix
    Baywatch Trailer Runs in Slow Motion to Super Bowl LIZac Efron frees his patriotism.
  11. trailer mix
    Watch Efron and the Rock in the Baywatch TrailerComing May 19, 2017.
  12. baywatch watch
    Zac Efron’s Baywatch Character Is Surprisingly Similar to Ryan LochteAccording to the Wrap.
  13. baywatch watch
    Hasselhoff Didn’t Want Anderson on BaywatchHe may have had ulterior motives.
  14. 6 Supreme Memes of Zac Efron’s Baywatch Face-plant Thanks, internet.
  15. party chats
    Priyanka Chopra on Playing the Baywatch Mean Girl “I’m the interruption in their slow-motion running.”
  16. baywatch watch
    Pamela Anderson Joins Baywatch MovieThe prodigal Anderson’s return.
  17. baywatch
    The Hoff Visits the Set of BaywatchMore like Baewatch.
  18. muscles
    A Few Poems About How Ridiculously Ripped Zac Efron Is Right NowThank you, Baywatch?
  19. the industry
    Hoff Joins Baywatch Movie; All Is Right in WorldHey, Mitch.
  20. casting couch
    Priyanka Chopra to Play Baywatch VillainHair for days.
  21. casting couch
    Alexandra Daddario Joins Cast of Baywatch MovieYes, she will be wearing a bathing suit. Relax, pervs.
  22. casting couch
    Zac Efron Is Joining the Rock in Shirtless Heaven for Baywatch, the MovieMore like Baewatch.
  23. reboots
    The Rock May Star in a Baywatch MovieHe’s “loosely attached.”
  24. Tom Lennon and Ben Garant Share Details About Their ‘Baywatch’ MovieThe State and Reno 911! duo Tom Lennon and Ben Garant have been working on rebooting the cheesy 90s lifeguard drama Baywatch as a comedy movie […]
  25. Bill Hader Starring in David Hasselhoff’s Old Role in Tom Lennon and Ben […] Last year, it was reported that Reno 911! and The State duo Robert Ben Garant and Tom Lennon were planning to direct a comedic movie version […]
  26. casting couch
    Bill Hader Cast in Baywatch Reboot [Update]In the David Hasselhoff role.
  27. Thomas Lennon is Co-Directing Robert Ben Garant’s ‘Baywatch’ MovieRobert Ben Garant will be joined by his partner in crime, fellow The State/Reno 911! alum Thomas Lennon, as his co-director for a comedy remake […]
  28. movie news
    The Baywatch Movie Is Now More of a Reno 911 ReunionReno 911 in the house! Or on the beach. Whatever.
  29. Robert Ben Garant to Direct a ‘Baywatch’ Movie (This Is Real)In a movie that will likely be 50% in slow motion, Robert Ben Garant is going to direct a comedic version of the syndicated drama about boobs […]
  30. movie news
    Exclusive: Reno 911! Co-Creator to Direct Baywatch MovieWith script written by the creator of Rescue Me.
  31. alternate universe casting couch
    DiCaprio on Baywatch? Bale in Titanic?DiCaprio and Hasselhoff were nearly co-stars. 
  32. reality tv
    90210 Has Spawned More Reality Shows and Stars Than Any Other SeriesSo close, Baywatch!
  33. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Stephen Dorff, Kaley CuocoPlus: Two new writers come aboard ‘Baywatch.’
  34. tv
    Lost Meets BaywatchA beachy mash-up for the ages.
  35. the industry
    At Last, a View-Master MoviePlus: HBO adapting ‘Middlesex’!