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  1. interactive tv
    It Isn’t Easy Keeping Bear Grylls SafeIs You vs. Wild real? The Netflix interactive show “created” scenarios for Bear Grylls, but he has actually poisoned himself.
  2. tv review
    No, You Can’t Kill Bear Grylls in His Netflix Interactive ShowYou vs. Wild offers viewer-players a mishmash of survival-themed reality and fiction that escapes both categories to become something else entirely.
  3. trailer mix
    You’ll Go on an Interactive Adventure With Bear Grylls in Netflix’s You vs. WildPremiering April 10.
  4. Courteney Cox Isn’t Thrilled to Eat a Dead Sheep“Let’s talk this through.”
  5. It’s Obama vs. Nature in Running Wild PhotosThe episode will air on NBC later this year.
  6. roll clip!
    Winslet Re-created Titanic Pose for Bear Grylls“Jack, I feel like I’m flying!”
  7. let them eat worms
    Bear Grylls Is Going to Make Kate Winslet Eat an Armadillo (or Something)James Marsden and Kate Hudson, too!
  8. running wild with bear gryllis
    Watch Zac Efron ‘Run Wild’ With Bear GryllsIt was siiiiiick, brah.
  9. series order
    Bear Grylls Will Host a Wilderness Reality Competition for NBCStart practicing to eat grubs now.
  10. quote machine
    Jesse Eisenberg Only Half-Committed to Promoting New MoviePlus: Robert Pattinson’s failed rap dream.
  11. bear grylls
    What Will Bear Grylls Do to Gross You Out Next?The ‘Man vs. Wild’ star will appear in a new Discovery Channel show, ‘Worst Case Scenario.’
  12. tv
    Tuck Yourself Inside a Dead Camel for Man vs. WildJust like Bear Grylls.
  13. tv
    The Montage of Bear Grylls Eating Raw Animal Flesh Will Actually Make You SickWe turned it off after 0:22 to go throw up.
  14. quote machine
    To Julie White, Mosquitoes Are Nothing Compared to the Challenge of Not SwearingPlus: Shia LaBeouf clarifies an earlier statement.
  15. the industry
    Will Ferrell Will Do Just About Anything to Promote Land of the LostPlus: Megan Fox, heroin smuggler.