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  1. asmr
    Soothe Your Weary Bones With the Trailer for Joe Pera Talks With You Season TwoLooking for some “Boyfriend Comforts You at the Beauty Parlor” ASMR?
  2. beauty du jour
    Paul Rudd Finally Grants Us Access to His Anti-Aging Secrets: ‘Pure Darkness’How punk.
  3. Rejuvenation Manual for Wretched Females, by Sarah Hutto In the spirit of embracing nothing about being an actual woman, here is a useful list of body parts that various industries and society in […]
  4. hot women
    Meryl Streep Was ‘Not Beautiful Enough’ for King KongIt wasn’t always easy being La Streep.
  5. spies like us
    Here Are All of the Wigs Worn on The Americans So FarThere are so many.
  6. monday morning movie club
    World War Z’s Biggest Mystery: What Was Up With Brad Pitt’s Hair?Four theories on that long, distracting mane.
  7. mindy kaling
    Go Behind the Scenes at Mindy Kaling’s New York Mag Cover ShootIn which Mindy lets her hair down, although technically not.
  8. fall movie preview 2012
    A Guide to Fall’s Most Questionable Movie HairBlonde ringlets are big for Oscar season.
  9. grooming
    A Close Analysis of Shia LaBeouf’s Evolving Facial HairThere are messages hidden in that beard.
  10. amy poehler
    Watch Amy Poehler Answer a 14-Year-Old Girl’s Question About MakeupAdopt us, please?
  11. thom yorke
    See What Thom Yorke Would Look Like If His Face Were SymmetricalTo be fair, we’re not complaining.
  12. broadwaypocalypse
    Regina Spektor: No Sleep Till BroadwayShe’ll be writing the music for the musical adaptation of the play ‘Beauty.’
  13. quote machine
    Stephen Colbert Will Play a Thicker-Necked President Than You Might ExpectPlus quotes from Michel Gondry, Bryan Singer, and Marié Digby.
  14. apropos of nothing
    It’s Edward Albee Day! How Will You Celebrate?Perhaps a booze-soaked argument with your caustic spouse? Or a sex scandal?
  15. apropos of nothing
    At Last, Kevin Federline Is Coming to Broadway!Broadway celebrity-stunt casting reaches its inevitable nadir.
  16. the early-evening news
    Michael Jackson Finds a Way to Make the Grammys Even More UnbearablePlus: Aziz Ansari!
  17. apropos of nothing
    ‘Untraceable’ Is Completely Realistic, Experts DetermineScary news for anyone thinking about seeing the idiotic new Website thriller Untraceable this weekend: Everything in it could happen TO YOU
  18. art candy
    Artist Ingo Maurer’s Electric TableIf you haven’t made it up to the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum to check out Ingo Maurer’s majestic installation of nearly 40 years of engrossing, cutting-edge light design, book it uptown — you only have until Sunday!
  19. chat room
    Jason Ritter on LL Cool J, ‘Good Dick,’ and Sundance“I’m not exaggerating at all when I say his bicep is the size of my head.”
  20. news reel
    We Heart Newly Minted Broadway Star S. Epatha MerkersonIn which we get a little gushy.
  21. quote machine
    Will Ferrell Regrets Not Taking Tenth-Grade English Class More SeriouslyPlus: Adam Sandler!
  22. apropos of nothing
    Do the California Museum Raids Change the Race to Succeed Philippe?Time to recalibrate the Snootometer!
  23. strike zone
    WGA Interim Deals Give Boost to Great TV Shows, Crappy Superhero MoviesMad Men and Ant-Man, returning to the screen sooner than expected!
  24. right-click
    50 Cent’s Money Could Kick Your AssPlus: Kylie!
  25. quote machine
    Julia Roberts Keeps Her Clothes OnPlus: Why does Slash love leather pants?
  26. kudos
    Will This Week’s Rash of Surprise Pregnancies Cost ‘Juno’ at the Oscars?Unless you’ve somehow heroically managed to avoid PerezHilton.com for the past twelve hours, you probably already know about the just-announced surprise pregnancies of Lily Allen and Jamie Lynn Spears, Britney’s 16-year-old sister.
  27. apropos of nothing
    Jerry Bruckheimer Is Going to Make Video Games“’This could be interesting,’ said Dan Hsu, editor in chief of the magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly.”
  28. kudos
    For Your Consideration: McLovin for Best Supporting ActorLooking back on the totality of the year’s cinematic crop, was there a single more memorable, more endearing film character than Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s McLovin?
  29. the industry
    Ewan McGregor Is in ‘Love’ With Jim CarreyPlus: You’ll never guess who Nicole Holofcener cast in her next movie! Oh, all right, it’s Catherine Keener.
  30. the early-evening news
    Radiohead Deem Themselves Not Famous EnoughPlus: Be in Kevin Smith’s new movie!
  31. pop culture's bravest
    Year in Review: J.K. Rowling, PuppetmasterA look back at the year in Harry Potter.
  32. news reel
    ‘There Will Be Blood’: Paul Dano Still Has the BruisesThink of the intensity of the scream he gave in Little Miss Sunshine but amplified by twenty and sustained for nearly three hours.
  33. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ Stages a ComebackEvery week between now and January 22, Vulture’s Oscar Futures will listen to insider gossip, comb the Oscar blogs, and out-and-out guess when necessary to track who’s up, who’s down, and who’s currently leading the race for a coveted nomination.
  34. art candy
    Artists Margot Herster, Francesco Simeti, and Guerra de la Paz Get Their War OnExit Art’s “Love/War/Sex” exhibition, up at the gallery through January 26, paints quite the chilling wartime image/S&M fantasy complete with real-life weaponry, netting, video works, and submissive statues.
  35. tube junkie
    Honestly, ‘Rolling Stone,’ Is This the Second-Best Song of 2007?We like Randy Newman and everything, but come on!
  36. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘Charlie Wilson’s War’ Stages a ComebackWho’s up? Who’s down?
  37. the best part
    Diablo Cody’s ‘EW’ Back-Page Column Is At Least Better Than Stephen King’sThe Juno screenwriter takes on the magazine feature so cursed that even Dalton Ross can’t make it fun.
  38. news reel
    Ellen Page Is Ready to Talk About the Nuts for OnceEverything Ellen Page says is charming and adorable!
  39. apropos of nothing
    Universal Music Slashes Staff, Doug Morris Still EmployedMusic industry analyst Perez Hilton is reporting that Universal Music Group record labels Interscope and Geffen merged their staffs, eliminating the jobs of about 60 people.
  40. quote machine
    Jason Schwartzman, Last-Minute ‘Royal Tenenbaums’ RejectPlus quotes from Wesley Snipes, Tavis Smiley, and Paul McCartney.
  41. trailer mix
    ‘The Dark Knight’ Trailer: Heath Ledger Is Not Joking AroundHeath Ledger looks like he might exceed even our admittedly high expectations, and after just these two minutes we’re quite ready to declare him the greatest-ever Batman movie villain.
  42. the take
    Morgan Spurlock Probably Did Not Find Osama bin LadenHe made his name upchucking McNuggets out the driver’s side of an automobile — now has documentarian Morgan Spurlock discovered the whereabouts of the mastermind behind the September 11 attacks? Probably not!
  43. contest
    Agenda Sweepstakes: New York by ‘New York’!For this month’s New York by New York event, our friends at UCBT have combined the best and worst aspects of office holiday parties into one hilarious night.
  44. right-click
    RIP Pimp CPlus: Deerhoof!
  45. agenda
    ‘The Midnight Choir’ delivers the killer, then the body.This novel starts with a twist: The Gardaí (Irish cops) have their mad, blood-soaked killer; they just have to sort out whom he killed.
  46. apropos of nothing
    Did Will Smith Just Ruin His Nonexistent Chances at an Oscar?Might I Am Legend star Will Smith’s increasingly erratic behavior cost him the Academy Award that, let’s be honest, he was never going to win, not in a million years?
  47. agenda
    Ethan Hawke’s awful book becomes a great movie. Really!Mark Webber and Catalina Sandino Moreno deliver a kind of Linklaterian and surprisingly self-immolating take on how not to break up.
  48. daily intel
    Elizabeth Hardwick and Pimp C, Together in Death As We Wish They Had Been in LifeTwo Times obits, but they shared one soul.
  49. art candy
    Artist Rona Yefman Advises You to Take the ElevatorIn Two Flags, Israeli artist Rona Yefman reimagines conflict in the Middle East as a Capture the Flag–like game. We’d imagine whoever is standing at the bottom of this stairwell is, well, totally screwed.
  50. the early-evening news
    R. Kelly’s Publicist Quits Over Huge MisunderstandingPlus: News about Ang Lee!
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