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  1. beef
    Chrissy Teigen Can’t Help But Stew on Alison Roman’s Comments About Her“I didn’t ‘sell out’ by making my dreams come true.”
  2. where's the beef?
    Usher vs. the Weeknd Is the R&Beef We Didn’t Know We NeededOr whatever the R&B equivalent of a rap battle is …
  3. beef
    David Simon, Creator of The Wire, Is Ready to Defend BaltimoreNote to self: never start a Twitter fight with David Simon.
  4. aquabeef
    Underwater Expert James Cameron Thinks Aquaman Was Fishy“I’m very literal about my underwater.”
  5. politics
    Cardi B Has Shutdown Beef With Tomi Lahren, of All People: ‘I Will Dog Walk You’The Fox Nation host mocked Cardi as “the latest genius political mind to endorse the Democrats.”
  6. beef quashed
    J. Prince Says Drake Recorded Pusha-T Diss Track, But It Was Too ‘Overwhelming’The head of Rap-a-Lot Records discussed his decision to step in and ask Drake not to release his response, which he felt could end Kanye’s career.
  7. Drake Probably Should Have Seen This ComingPusha-T’s “The Story of Adidon” is a brutal retaliation.
  8. extremely unnecessary beefs
    Killer Mike Attempted to Call Out Joy Reid on Instagram With Disastrous ResultsWhat do the letters “H&M” mean to you personally?
  9. beef
    What Does Patti LaBelle Think About Aretha Franklin’s Retirement?Aretha Franklin has announced that she’s retiring. Congratulations to Aretha, of course, but what does this mean for her diva arch nemesis?
  10. respect the classics
    David Crosby Thinks Kanye West Can’t Sing, Write, or Play Music“They should send him all of Ray Charles’s catalogue so he learn how to sing.”
  11. radio vulture
    Let’s Not Go Back to the Good Old Days of Real Rap BeefDrake’s vicious shot at Kid Cudi’s mental health may be a tactical error. 
  12. beef
    Miley Cyrus Says She Isn’t a Fan of Mariah CareySomeone has clearly never been through a breakup.
  13. Nigel Lythgoe Responds to Mariah’s Idol CommentsIt’s like he’s reading your mind.
  14. beef
    Meek Mill Drops Four New Songs, Takes Aim at Drake Yet AgainMeek was ready and waiting.
  15. i don't know her
    Breaking Down the Shade Ava DuVernay Threw at Quentin TarantinoSavage.
  16. beef
    Drake Says He Was ‘Kicked Off’ DegrassiHe had to choose between Degrassi and a music career.
  17. Brolin Acts Like He’s Not Mocking GoslingLeave De Niro out of this!
  18. R.E.M. Call Donald Trump an ‘Orange Clown’R.E.M. won’t let him use “It’s the End of the World” on the campaign trail.
  19. drake vs meek
    Drake Included Meek Mill Beef Memes in OVO Fest SetYour move, Meek.
  20. beef
    Nicki Minaj Allegedly Dumps Meek Mill, Poor GuyThis guy is having an awful week.
  21. misogyny
    A$AP Rocky Says Misogynistic Things About Rita Ora, Swears He’s Not a Misogynist“Maybe I should’ve muted her name in it.”
  22. beef
    Jack White’s Contentious History With the InternetSo many open letters.
  23. blast from the past
    Tupac Wanted to Make a Collaborative Album With OutkastAccording to a recently discovered letter.
  24. beef
    Blink-182’s Tom DeLonge Drama ContinuesThe former (or current?) guitarist defended himself on Facebook.
  25. beef
    Mark Schultz Bashes Foxcatcher, Then Apologizes“I am a real human being.”
  26. beef
    Why Diddy Punched DrakeThe pair brawled at an Art Basel party in Miami this weekend.
  27. beef
    Christian Bale Would Like George Clooney to Stop WhiningAbout paparazzi.
  28. Christopher Meloni to Star in Digital Series ‘Beef’ with Michael Cera, […]Law & Order: SVU star Christopher Meloni has teamed up with Paramount for a new digital series set in a butcher shop called Beef, and you can […]
  29. beef
    Seth Rogen Confronted the Executive Who Canceled Freaks and Geeks for YouThe executive defends his decision.
  30. beef
    Did Saturday Night Live Steal This Famous Improv Theater’s Sketch?Sources claim “parallel thinking.”
  31. beef
    One Direction Fans Can’t Even With The Daily Show Right NowJon Stewart accidentally woke the beast. 
  32. beef
    Is Katy Perry Subtweeting Taylor Swift?(Yes.)
  33. beef
    The Lil’ Kim–Nicki Minaj Feud Rages AgainLil’ Kim released not one but two Nicki dis songs this week.
  34. beef
    The 6 Handsomest Photos of Orlando Bloom, Plus: The 6 Worst Justin Bieber Lyrics#TeamLegolas.
  35. beef
    Orlando Bloom Took a Swing at Justin Bieber After They Fought About Their Exes“What’s up, bitch?” said Bieber to Bloom. You can’t make this stuff up.
  36. Kiefer Sutherland Almost Made Freddie Prinze Jr. Quit ActingBeef!
  37. beef
    Turns Out That Drake-Common Beef Was Over Serena WilliamsThe truth!
  38. awards shows
    Nicki Minaj Disses Iggy Azalea in Her BET Award Acceptance SpeechAfter winning Best Female Hip-Hop Artist.
  39. beef
    North Korean Dictator Not Happy With James Franco and Seth RogenApparently, making a movie about killing him isn’t super chill.
  40. beef
    Lana Del Rey’s Death Wish Pissed Off Frances Bean Cobain“I’ll never know my father because he died young and it becomes a desirable feat because people like you think it’s ‘cool.’”
  41. beef
    Lana Del Rey Says She Doesn’t Actually Want to DieDespite how she was quoted in a piece for the Guardian.
  42. beef
    Azealia Banks Beefs With T.I. Once AgainBecause beefing with Azealia Banks is something new.
  43. beef
    Jack White Doubles Down on Black Keys Beef, Then Apologizes [Updated]Let’s all try to get along.
  44. beef
    The Black Keys Respond to Jack White’s Slight“I don’t know him, so it’s extra-unexpected.” 
  45. beef
    A Comprehensive History of Wu-Tang Clan’s Endless BeefsA house divided against itself cannot stand … each other.
  46. beef
    Frank Ocean Told Chipotle to ‘Fuck Off’And paid them back his advance, after dropping out of an ad campaign.
  47. beef
    Drake Is Quitting Magazines, Says DrakeBecause of Rolling Stone.
  48. beef
    Trent Reznor to the Grammys: ‘F*CK YOU’Apparently, he didn’t like being interrupted by an ad for Delta.
  49. beef
    Damian Lewis Apologizes For Inadvertently Insulting Sir Ian McKellenThe Homeland actor’s “over-the-top, fruity” comment got him in some trouble.
  50. beef
    Beef: Netflix vs. Movie-Theater OwnersNetflix CCO Sarandos says theaters stifle innovation.
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