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  1. beef
    Blue Is the Warmest Color Director Threatening to Sue His Star“It is for her to explain in court.”
  2. beef
    Here Is Kendrick Lamar’s Full Drake-Shaming CypherAnd some other BET Awards highlights.
  3. beef
    Drake Is Trying to Kick Future Off His TourFor saying mean things.
  4. beef
    Kendrick Lamar Is Really Pushing This Drake BeefThere’s another dis in his BET cypher.
  5. beef
    Watch Jimmy Kimmel Respond to Kanye’s Tweets“The bit was pretty, I thought, innocuous, but finally I’m in a rap feud.”
  6. beef
    Photos: Alec Baldwin Pinned a Paparazzo Against the Hood of a Car This AfternoonAlec Baldwin has never been a fan of paparazzi, but they sure love hanging out around him.
  7. beef
    The Kendrick Responses Are Rolling InTo “Control,” obvs.
  8. beef
    Stallone Wouldn’t Pay Willis $1 Million a DayStallone offered him $3 million for four days, but Willis demanded $4 million.
  9. beef
    George Clooney Rants About Sony-Bashing Hedge-Fund FounderClooney calls big-time investor Daniel Loeb “a carpet bagger … who is trying to spread a climate of fear.”
  10. beef
    Frank Ocean Is Still Not a Chris Brown FanJoin the club.
  11. beef
    Radiohead Manager Defends Spotify; Nigel Godrich Gets Feisty“Streaming services are a very new way for artists and fans to engage.”
  12. beef
    The Butler Has to Pick a New Title for an Insane ReasonWarner Bros. used that title for a short film in 1916, so …
  13. beef
    Pharrell and Will.i.am Are Beefing Over GrammarOver using the phrase “I am,” specifically.
  14. beef
    Report: Charlie Got Selma Blair Fired Off Anger ManagementShe apparently complained about working with him and he didn’t like that she complained.
  15. beef
    Nikki Finke and Sharon Waxman Hold Firm in New York Times PieceNot surprisingly, they emphatically disagree.
  16. last night on late night
    Bruce Jenner Threatened Wrath of Kanye on FallonPlus: Nick Offerman’s reverse bestiality, oral sex story about Megan Mullally, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  17. beef
    Katy Perry Apologized to a Very Aggressive Chief KeefThe 17-year-old Chicago rapper didn’t play nice, but Perry did.
  18. beef
    Leno Won’t Stop Taunting NBC About Its RatingsHe deployed a Jurassic Park joke this time.
  19. beef
    Famed Composer Won’t Work With Tarantino Again“[Tarantino] places music in his films without coherence.”
  20. party chat
    Tina Fey Would Be Up for Writing a Taylor Swift Song “I could do a whole song about it.”
  21. beef
    Shia LaBeouf Counters Alec Baldwin With Old E-mail ConversationsIn which Shia calls Alec chief. Alec does not like this.
  22. party chat
    Alec Baldwin on Shia’s Opinion of Theater“I don’t think he’s in a good position to be giving interpretations of what the theater is and what the theater isn’t.”
  23. party chat
    Joan Rivers to Anne Hathaway: ‘Calm Down’“I just think she’s very, very happy to be Anne Hathaway.”
  24. beef
    Shia LaBeouf Left Orphans Because of Beef With Alec BaldwinThat’s why they call him Shia “the Beef.”
  25. beef
    Clive Davis Stands by His Kelly Clarkson Stories“I had every fact checked with five independent individuals.”
  26. beef
    Kelly Clarkson Has Some Corrections for Clive Davis’s Memoir“His stories and songs are mixed up.”
  27. beef
    Hilary Mantel Said Some Rude Things About Kate Middleton [Updated]She called her “plastic.”
  28. beef
    Patrick Carney Spent His Weekend Taunting Bieber Fans on Twitter“I do it for the mony and the swag.”
  29. beef
    Azealia Banks Is Having Another Twitter MeltdownOh, good.
  30. beef
    Uh-oh, Justin Bieber Is Trying to Fight the Black KeysStop.
  31. beef
    The Frank Ocean–Chris Brown Police Report Is Pretty UglyAs you’d expect.
  32. beef
    Frank Ocean Says He Forgives Chris Brown and Won’t Press ChargesTaking the high road, then.
  33. beef
    Martin Sheen Doesn’t Actually Condemn Zero Dark ThirtyHe was “very moved and troubled,” to be clear.
  34. beef
    Chris Brown and Frank Ocean Threw Down [Updated]At a recording studio in L.A.
  35. beef
    Kid Cudi Will Cut His Label So HardUnless they get his songs on the radio pretty damned soon.
  36. Azealia Banks vs. Angel Haze: 2013’s First BeefThey’ve each released diss tracks already.
  37. beef
    The Philippine Congress Is Pissed at Justin Bieber He was mean to Manny Pacquiao.
  38. beef
    The Jack White–Lady Gaga Beef Is Already Over“I never said anything about her music.”
  39. beef
    Steven Tyler Says Sorry to Nicki Minaj, Sort Of“Maybe I spoke out of turn. But a racist I’m not, Nicki.”
  40. beef
    Steven Tyler and Nicki Minaj Will Now Have BeefIt got messy fast.
  41. beef
    Jay-Z Does Not Return Robert De Niro’s CallsNot even six of them.
  42. beef
    Faulkner Estate Suing Over Midnight in ParisHomage as copyright infringement.
  43. beef
    Justin Timberlake Banned Half of ‘N Sync From His WeddingPoor Lance Bass.
  44. beef
    AMC Finally Returns to Dish NetworkPlus Dish pays AMC $700 million.
  45. beef
    President Obama Believes a Nicki-Mariah Peace Treaty Can Happen in Our TimeBut he’s kind of siding with Mariah.
  46. beef
    Mariah Carey Is Using Barbara Walters to Fight With Nicki Minaj#struggleface
  47. beef
    Now Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey Are Definitely FeudingThere’s video of Minaj losing it.
  48. beef
    Chevy Chase Has New Ways to Disparage CommunityHe says joining the show was “a big mistake.”
  49. beef
    Madonna Is Just Screwing With Lady Gaga Now“I do love her. Imitation is the highest form of flattery.”
  50. beef
    The Voice Riled Simon Cowell Exactly As PlannedHe’s “pissed off” about NBC going head-to-head with X Factor’s premiere.
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