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  1. beefin'
    Dan Aykroyd Calls Out Director Paul Feig Over the Ghostbusters RebootThe original Ghostbusters star claimed Feig “will not be back on the Sony lot anytime soon.”
  2. beefin'
    The Weather Channel Names Next Winter Storm After Stephen Colbert“It’s going to blow hard, but it’s going to have little to no impact.”
  3. feud
    Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Theory on Donald Trump: ‘I Think He’s in Love with Me’Arnold Schwarzenegger explains the feud with the president.
  4. beefin'
    Remy Ma Drops Nicki Minaj Diss Track; Nicki Minaj Responds“You literally got a dumb ass.”
  5. beefin'
    Ewan McGregor, D. Boyle Didn’t Speak for YearsGasp!
  6. beefin'
    Sean Spicer Finds ‘Daft Funk’s’ Helmets ChildishHe also has some complaints about Dippin’ Dots.
  7. beefin'
    Avril Lavigne Tells Mark Zuckerberg to Stop Bullying Nickelback“Your jab at Nickelback is in poor taste.”
  8. beefin'
    Fifth Harmony’s Remaining 4 Fire Back at Camila“We are done engaging in this back and forth,” they say, but do we believe it?
  9. beefin'
    Alec Baldwin Replies to Donald Trump’s Anti-SNL Tweet: ‘Election Is Over’Did Trump even see that kitten sketch?
  10. beefin'
    Dwayne Johnson Has No Regrets About Fast 8 FeudVin Diesel might feel a little differently.
  11. beefin'
    Actors Union Threatens Strike Against Major Video-Game MakersSAG-AFTRA is not pleased with the contracts gaming companies are offering voice actors.
  12. beefin'
    Nicki Minaj Shares Her Thoughts on Melania Trump“’Cause Barack needed a Michelle … and Bill needed a … Hillary … “
  13. beefin'
    Absurd Human Flavor Flav Has Beef With Eric André’s Absurd HumorFlavor Flav to André: “F*CK YOU for that move gee.”
  14. beefin'
    Kanye Issues Decree of Forgiveness: ‘Kid Cudi Is My Brother’After last week’s beef Kanye now sings, “I hope he’s doing well.”
  15. beefin'
    Watch Kanye West, Drake Hit Back at Kid Cudi“Why y’all gotta be coming at me? This ain’t the end of the Malcolm X movie.”
  16. no drama
    Eminem Joined Drake for a Friendly Non-Beef Get-Together Onstage in DetroitDrake: “Make some noise for the greatest rapper to ever get on a microphone.”
  17. beefin'
    Taylor Swift Fires Back at Kim K and Kanye“I wanted to believe Kanye when he told me that I would love the song”
  18. beefin'
    Trump Happy Lena Dunham Would Flee to CanadaHe also accused her of having “no mojo.”
  19. beefin'
    Gary Oldman Comes for Spotlight’s Oscar WinIf anyone in that movie had worn a wig, Gary would be snatching it.
  20. beefin'
    Linda Perry Says Lady Gaga Didn’t Write Song Nom“Is that writing? Not in my book.”
  21. beefin'
    Jared Leto Apologizes for Awkward Critique of Taylor Swift“If I hurt her or her fans my sincerest apologies.”
  22. beefin'
    David Spade Gets Why Eddie Murphy Hates Him“I was freaking the f*ck out.”
  23. beefin'
    Taylor Swift Got Pranked With a Shark During ‘Bad Blood’ [Updated]#NeverForget.
  24. beefin'
    50 Cent Keeps Promoting Power by Trash-Talking Empire“Ain’t nobody on Empire cast better than me.”