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  1. vulture recommends
    What to Stream While Broadway Is Shut DownSuggested substitutes for the shows you’re missing while theaters are dark.
  2. closing noticies
    Sorry, TikTok Fans, Broadway’s Beetlejuice to Be Booted From TheaterThe Music Man is reportedly a-comin’ in after it.
  3. theater review
    Theater Review: Beetlejuice Is Best When It’s at Its Most AnticAlex Brightman has what it takes to fill this high-energy emcee’s role.
  4. vulture lists
    Every Tim Burton Movie, RankedTaking stock of the director’s career, from eccentric hits to big-budget misfires.
  5. behind the scenes
    When a Theater Reviewer Becomes the One Being ReviewedI was this magazine’s theater critic. Now I’ve co-written Broadway’s Beetlejuice: The Musical. Those jobs have one big thing in common.
  6. broadway
    The Beetlejuice Musical Is Creeping Toward BroadwayHopefully, it will be strange and unusual.
  7. beetlejuice 2
    It’s Still Not Showtime for Beetlejuice 2 Just Yet (or Ever)A rep for Tim Burton says reports confirming the sequel are false.
  8. ‘SNL’ Review: Happy Easter, Michael Keaton!Though they may look like natural sketch comedians, character actors give us peculiar episodes of SNL. At least once per season in recent […]
  9. movies
    Tim Burton: Beetlejuice 2 Is ‘Closer Than Ever’But it hinges on Michael Keaton’s involvement.
  10. vulture lists
    11 Great Michael Keaton RolesHollywood loves a comeback story, and this one couldn’t be any sweeter.
  11. non-reflective surfaces
    Watch a Supercut of Movie Characters With No ReflectionsBarnabas Collins, Dracula, and the Invisible Man might cast dark shadows but certainly no mirror reflections.
  12. A Beetlejuice Sequel May Not Be Worth Dying ForThe Beetlejuice sequel is still happening, according to screenwriter Seth Grahame-Smith. If the script impresses them, Tim Burton would be back […]
  13. Another Three-Year Hidden Community Joke Uncovered Community, we have gathered here to remember the good times you have given us, the stock photos you have snuck into frame, the babies you have […]
  14. community
    Watch the Cast of Community Conjure Up BeetlejuiceWatch how many times the cast of Community mentions Beetlejuice, and then keep your eyes peeled for an awesome cameo.
  15. A Beetlejuice Sequel Is in the Works Now for Some ReasonA sequel to Beetlejuice is in the works now, because the original movie exists and new ideas don’t yet so why wouldn’t they just focus on that? […]
  16. movies
    Beetlejuice 2 Might Be a Thing NowBut do you want it to be?
  17. The Finally Screenings: I Just Saw Beetlejuice For the First TimeIn The Finally Screenings, Alden Ford is watching comedy classics that, because he grew up in a cave in Alaska, he’s never seen before. These […]
  18. 10 Most Disappointing Movie Afterlifes