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Before Midnight

  1. Spring Is the Best Season for Rom-ComsBroadcast News. Notting Hill. All those teen movies with prom scenes. Are you really going to argue with this?
  2. Every Richard Linklater Movie, RankedFrom Last Flag Flying to Before Sunset.
  3. screenwriting
    Toughest Scene I Wrote: Before Midnight’s Fight“I always thought of this scene as two heavyweights going at each other. They’re like Ali vs. Frazier III!”
  4. movie review
    Edelstein: Before Midnight Finds Romance in the Struggle of WillsThe third entry in the Richard Linklater–Ethan Hawke–Julie Delpy relationship trilogy.
  5. vulture contests
    The Before Midnight Haiku Contest Winner Is …They wrote some haiku / To win a sweet signed poster / And now a winner
  6. true stories
    The History of Before Sunrise’s Tragic Real-Life InspirationThe film was based on a real night Linklater spent with a real girl in Philadelphia.
  7. vulture contests
    Contest: Win a Signed Before Midnight Poster!All you need to do / Is write a super haiku / About the movie
  8. party chat
    Delpy and Hawke on Before Midnight’s Big DebateThis is not really the kind of movie that requires a spoiler alert, but fine!
  9. for your next date
    Before Sunrise/Sunset: A-to-Z Conversation Guide“Do you believe in reincarnation?”
  10. profile
    Richard Linklater’s Nine-Year ItchHis career path may be erratic, but it is of a piece with a filmmaker fascinated by the meandering and discursive.
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    Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy Are Not So Sure About Soul MatesDelpy: “In my last film, my soul was in Vincent Gallo’s underwear, so it’s hard for me to say!”
  12. life advice
    How to Pick Up Strangers, by Julie DelpyHint: It’s a sex act.
  13. pretty pictures
    Get a Closer Look at Before Midnight in Five New StillsVulture’s got five exclusive pictures from the film.
  14. trailer mix
    Before Midnight Trailer: This Is European 40The whole gang’s back together: Linklater, Hawke, Delpy.
  15. release dates
    Before Midnight Gets Its Release DateSo does the new Woody Allen and Pedro Almodóvar.
  16. sundance 2013
    Eight Big Takeaways From the 2013 Sundance Film FestivalIncluding some Oscar odds.
  17. party chat
    Vulture Gets Dating Tips From Richard Linklater“Julia Roberts knew what she was doing”
  18. sundance 2013
    Father Time Is the True Star of Before MidnightOkay, Julie Delpy is pretty incredible, too.
  19. sundance
    Before Midnight Among Announced Sundance PremieresJoseph Gorden-Levitt’s directorial debut will do so, as well.
  20. party chat
    Richard Linklater Answers All of Your Before Midnight Questions“After the second, I didn’t know anyone would want a third!”
  21. reunions
    Third Before Sunrise Movie Done With FilmingAnd it’s called Before Midnight.