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Before They Were Stars

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    Cecily Strong Made Cigarettes Look Very Cool When She Was 16The Illinois Department of Public Health knows talent when it sees it.
  2. before they were stars
    Before The Office, There Was Golden YearsLooking back on Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s first TV collaboration.
  3. Two Unearthed Videos: Robert Smigel’s ‘All You Can Eat and the Temple of […]Recently, a YouTube account named Robot Pilot unearthed two great clips of shows by Mindy Kaling and Robert Smigel, and they’re a perfectly […]
  4. Check Out Todd Barry’s ‘Letterman’ Debut from 1982Here’s a great way for Letterman fans to happily distract themselves from this morning’s Late Show marquee teardown: a clip from Late Night […]
  5. Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch’s Old Second City Show ‘Dratch & Fey’ Is Now […]Before they broke into SNL stardom, Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch starred in a two-woman show together called Dratch & Fey that ran at Second City […]
  6. before they were stars
    See Your Mad Men Before They Were Mad MenIs that you, Pete?
  7. Watch 17-Year-Old Jimmy Fallon’s Very First Standup Set Continuing in today’s unearthed before-they-were-stars video trend, here’s footage of Jimmy Fallon’s very first attempt at standup when he was […]
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    Watch Bryan Cranston’s Eighties Preparation H Commercial“It relieves pain and itch for hours.”
  9. Quarter-Life Comedy: What 50 Stars Were Doing When They Were 25Being old enough to legally drive, smoke, buy booze, and rent a car can certainly indicate adulthood, but if you’re anything like me, your 25th […]
  10. This Chubby Kid Is Married to Katy PerryYes, this is a teenage Russell Brand. Reach for the stars, kids!
  11. Here’s Stephen Tyrone Colbert’s Senior Yearbook PageYes, Stephen Colbert’s middle name is really Tyrone, and this is his senior yearbook page from high school. Apparently, his nicknames included […]