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  1. behind the music
    How Justin Bieber Pivoted Back to Pop on JusticeTwo of his collaborators break down the album, from the sound to the questionable messaging.
  2. behind the music
    How Drag Race’s Resident Composer Is Bringing a Queer Sensibility to TV MusicLeland, one of the most prolific out gay musicians working right now, breaks down his standout tracks for Drag Race, The Other Two, and Love, Victor.
  3. behind the music
    Solange Shows the Making of A Seat at the TableThe footage shows Solange exploring sounds and themes for her new album.
  4. behind the music
    Inside Meghan Trainor’s Y2K Pop ReinventionThe singer has gone from doo-wop to full-on Britney. Here’s why.
  5. behind the music
    Behind the Music of Game of ThronesHow the National and the Hold Steady earned their piece of Westeros — and why everyone else in the music industry wants to join them.
  6. behind the music
    F-cked Up Explain the Epic Tale of Love and Betrayal Behind David Comes to LifeThe story behind the concept album.
  7. behind the music
    Battles’ Dave Konopka Explains How the Band Puts a Song Together“She starts listening and she says, ‘Uh, this isn’t Japanese. This is nothing.’”
  8. behind the music
    The Strokes Didn’t Have a Ton of Fun Recording Angles“I won’t do the next album we make like this. No way. It was awful.”
  9. behind the music
    In the Studio With Kanye West: iPhone Singing, Impromptu ChoreographySee the video!
  10. behind the music
    And Now Everyone Who Contributed to the Summer Hit ‘Airplanes’ Has Actually Spoken to One AnotherLast week, B.o.B. hugged the 22-year-old who wrote the double-platinum hit.
  11. behind the music
    B.o.B. and Hayley Williams’s Connection Goes Beyond WordsBut that’s mostly because they’ve never spoken.
  12. tv
    Watch Courtney Love’s Behind the Music in Its EntiretyAll one and a half hours of it.
  13. crazy love
    Courtney Love’s Behind the Music: Really Enjoyable PropagandaReally, really enjoyable.
  14. behind the music
    How the Roots Became a House Band“We laughed, ‘Ha, that’s real funny.’ Then three days later we were like, ‘Wait a minute.’”
  15. everything old is new again
    Who Do You Think Deserves Their Own Behind the Music Treatment?Spacehog!
  16. the industry
    Brad Pitt and Natalie Portman Are Going to Break UpPlus: Merman!