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Beirut (band)

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    Tapes ‘N Tapes Comeback Is Impressively ExecutedPlus: We Are Scientists!
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    Tom Petty and Eddie Vedder Get Stoned TogetherPlus music from Zach Condon, Ying Yang Twins, and Beyonce as performed by the triplets of Belleville.
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    Jay-Z Calls a Do-OverPlus: Someone finally covers “All Along the Watchtower”!
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    Condon Comes Alive!Plus: Nellie McKay and Kid Rock!
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    Beirut’s Zach Condon Shares His Worldly WisdomThe Beirut leader talks to us about guerrilla video shoots, being hospitalized for exhaustion, and his new album.
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    New Beirut Album Leaks, Brooklyn Vegan PlotzesBeirut’s 2006 debut Gulag Orkestar hit the blogosphere with the explosive force of a large atomic weapon, so it’s hard to imagine this one will go ignored, especially since it’s pretty much just more of the same.
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    Seriously, Radiohead? Is This the Best You Can Do?
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    Against All Odds, Will.i.am Produces Decent Record