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  1. the charts
    Justin Bieber Notches Year’s Highest First-Week SalesBelieve moved 374,000 copies.
  2. teen beat
    Will ‘Call Me Maybe’ Drown Out Justin Bieber’s Attempt to Grow Up?He wants the grown-ups, but they’re all already listening to Carly.
  3. bffs
    Bieber Didn’t Get that Kanye Verse After AllBut Drake and Nicki are happening.
  4. bffs
    Kanye and Bieber Were in the Studio AgainThat guest verse might happen yet.
  5. clickables
    Justin Bieber Releases Two New Believe Album CoversBelieve it. Because that’s the title.
  6. rumors
    Justin Bieber’s Rumored Album Guests: Drake, That Paternity Suit … “I wrote a song about Mariah [Yeater], a song about my Mom … “
  7. believe
    Katy Perry’s Mother Thinks Her Daughter Should Give Faith-Healing a Try“I recognized the psalmist gift in her performance. Yet she sang out, ‘I kissed a girl.’”