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  1. theater
    Ben Brantley Leaves the New York Times After 24 Years As Chief Theater CriticHe said the pandemic marked “a good moment to slip out the door.”
  2. beefs
    James Franco Calls Critic a ‘Little Bitch’On Instagram.
  3. beefs
    Alec Baldwin Sure Does Hate Ben Brantley“Brantley is viewed as some odd, shriveled, bitter Dickensian clerk.”
  4. theater
    Ben Brantley: Hugh Jackman Acts Like ‘a Flaming Queen’ in His One-Man ShowPlus, he’s “the bi-est guy in town.”
  5. rob bartlett
    Go Backstage With Very Funny Broadway Actor Rob BartlettIf you thought theater actors took themselves too seriously, let Bartlett’s absurd, messed-up zingers BLOW YOUR MIND.
  6. critics
    So, Did the Times Theater Critic Tear Scarlett Johansson a New One?Well, he began by talking about the “seeming effortlessness” of her work. This could go either way!
  7. critics
    Ben Brantley: Celebrity UnderminerThe ‘Times’ theater critic has reviewing movie stars on Broadway down to a formula.
  8. stamospocalypse
    Bye Bye Birdie an Ear-Slapping Bad Time, Raves Ben BrantleyJohn Stamos’s and Gina Gershon’s singing tends “to slide distractingly off key … enough to make you want to hit your ear,” he says.
  9. sushi
    Ben Brantley Just Thrilled About Jeremy Piven’s Mercury PoisoningBrantley: ‘Is it too late to send a thank you note to Jeremy Piven?’
  10. the take
    Downpression! Where Are All the Reggae Musicals?A London musical of ‘The Harder They Come’ makes us hope for a New York transfer.
  11. the take
    Does Everyone Except Ben Brantley Hate ‘Top Girls’?The Caryl Churchill play gets a rave in today’s ‘Times,’ but audiences may have another thing to say.
  12. ranters and ravers
    Laura Linney Cast Aside in ‘Times’ Review of ‘Les Liaisons’Ben Brantley declares Ben Daniels the star of ‘Les Liaisons Dangereuses,’ much to our surprise.
  13. ranters and ravers
    ‘Gypsy’: Ben Brantley Eats His HatIt’s not often that you go into opening night already knowing that both critics for the ‘Times’ are already on record as disliking your show.
  14. ranters and ravers
    Ben Brantley Gives Aaron Sorkin the Most Patronizing Review Ever?“A classroom presentation on a seven-figure budget.”
  15. apropos of nothing
    Ian McKellen Strips Down in ‘King Lear’The Season of the Wang continues, onstage at BAM.
  16. news reel
    Broadway’s Seedy Underbelly, Captured on Film