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  1. Who Would Survive the Apocalypse: NYC or L.A.? Celebrities DebateThere is a right answer.
  2. Ben Feldman Sounds Like an Excellent Person to Wait on in a RestaurantBen Feldman shares a very New York story.
  3. tv orders
    NBC Supersizes Superstore Season Two by Adding 9 More EpisodesNever fear, there’s more in store.
  4. Sex Dolls Are Shockingly Expensive and Other Lessons Ben Feldman Has […] Maybe you’re not watching a whole lot of network sitcoms lately, but while cable and streaming platforms dominate the comedy field, there are […]
  5. diary
    Ben Feldman’s Upfronts Diary“The upfronts are stupid. The upfronts are great.”
  6. the industry
    NBC Picks Up Two Sitcoms: Superstore and CrowdedOne’s about family, the other’s about a superstore.
  7. last night on late night
    What It’s Like to Do a Late-Night Interview for an Already-Canceled ShowAwkward!
  8. tv review
    TV Review: A to ZThat guy from Mad Men and that gal from How I Met Your Mother pair up.
  9. sneak peek
    You Can Now Stream the Full A to Z PilotWay in advance of the show’s fall premiere.
  10. upfronts 2014
    Mad Men’s Feldman and Sommer on TV Pilot ProcessAnd what life might be like after Mad Men ends.
  11. armchair analyst
    A Psychiatrist Analyzes Mad Men’s Michael GinsbergPrognosis: surprisingly not terrible.
  12. chat room
    Mad Men’s Ben Feldman On Ginsberg’s Surprising Moment“It’s in a bag in my house.”
  13. NBC Orders Cristin Milioti Comedy ‘A to Z’ to SeriesNBC is continuing to load up on new comedies for the fall. The network has given a series order to A to Z, a sitcom starring Cristin Milioti […]
  14. upfronts 2014
    Season of Suspense: 7 Actors Discuss the Pilot Process“It’s like meeting a girl at a bar, getting wasted, going home, and sleeping with her.”
  15. chat room
    Ben Feldman on Mad Men and Silicon ValleySimultaneously wearing a ridiculous mustache on AMC and a ridiculous pair of shorts on HBO.
  16. about last night...
    See Mad Men’s Ben Feldman Sing Katy PerryOn last night’s Mindy Project.
  17. chat room
    Mad Men’s Ben Feldman on Getting Cast As Michael Ginsberg and What Fran Drescher Had to Do With ItAlso, what’s up with Peggy and Ginsberg?
  18. inquiring minds
    Ask Mad Men Newbie Ben Feldman (a.k.a. Michael Ginsburg) Anything Vulture is interviewing him tomorrow.
  19. the industry
    Spielberg Falls for Sexy ‘Anime’ RobotPlus: Demi Moore goes indie, and Donald Trump is getting his own series on Lifetime!