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  1. musicians on their own music
    Ben Gibbard Picks the Best Death Cab for Cutie SongsKintsugi is out March 31.
  2. Fred Armisen and Other Comedy/Music People Discuss the Intersection of […]“Comedy has run alongside rock and indie rock for a long time. John Lennon was funny, so were David Bowie, Ween, Lou Reed, and Devo. The Clash […]
  3. divorces
    Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard Are Now DivorcedFinish dashing your hopes, please.
  4. Tom Scharpling Made Another Hilarious Music Video, for Ben Gibbard This […] Tom Scharpling directing hilarious, polished videos for indie rockers is nothing new, but he continues to excel with the form. Here’s the WFMU […]
  5. chat room
    Ben Gibbard Didn’t Read Much About His DivorceFrom Zooey Deschanel. Remember?
  6. ben gibbard
    Listen to a New Ben Gibbard Song, ‘Teardrop Windows’Excuse us, Benjamin Gibbard.
  7. clickables
    Listen to Ben Gibbard’s Song for Ichiro SuzukiSomething About Baseballs.
  8. ben gibbard
    Watch Ben Gibbard Duet With … Bobcat Goldthwait?Reunited, and it feels so … weird. So weird.
  9. ben gibbard
    See Ben Gibbard Talk About How Much He Loves RunningWell, maybe if Zooey liked running, things would be different now. ::Sigh::
  10. close reading
    Coping With the Deschanel-Gibbard Breakup: Vulture Analyzes the Musical CluesWe’re just trying to understand.
  11. splits
    Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard Are SeparatingAfter two years of marriage.
  12. exclusive
    Vulture Premieres a Daniel Merriweather and Mark Ronson Collaboration From the Arthur SoundtrackHear the song!
  13. out on the weekend
    This Weekend’s Concerts, From Keri Hilson to James BluntPlus: Dropkick Murphys, Girl Talk, Jonathan Richman, Wiz Khalifa, and more, in our weekly concert roundup.
  14. music
    See Ben Gibbard and Zooey Deschanel’s Patriot GameAt last night’s Phillies-Giants game, Ben took on “The Star-Spangled Banner,” and Zooey performed “God Bless America.”
  15. face off
    Just How Similar Are Owl City and the Postal Service?On the eve of Owl City’s new tour, we examine the commonalities.
  16. copycats
    Band That Sounds Exactly Like the Postal Service Claims Not to Have Been Influenced by Postal ServiceA likely story!
  17. vampires
    Ben Gibbard Made an Honorary Vampire in Death Cab’s Twilight VideoZooey Deschanel was probably wise to make new husband Ben Gibbard put a ring on it when she did.
  18. wedded bliss
    Zooey Deschanel and Ben Gibbard Make It OfficialThe two got married after a relatively brief nine-month engagement.
  19. quote machine
    Scrubs Creator Hopes His Show Will Get Better TooPlus: Jim Jones compares self to Hammer.
  20. good breeding
    Ben Gibbard Captures Zooey DeschanelThe poster children for indie everything are engaged.
  21. quote machine
    Craig Finn Possibly Isn’t Drunk Right NowPlus: Wayne Coyne on the gaping orifices in his new movie, and M. Night Shyamalan makes no sense.
  22. quote machine
    Al Green Single-handedly Responsible for OverpopulationPlus: Neil Young becomes Ed Begley Jr., and Ben Gibbard picks a fight with Bob Seger!
  23. right-click
    Radiohead Is Tired: Make Your Own Damn MusicPlus: New MP3s by 50 Cent, Ben Gibbard, and that guy you’ve been watching on YouTube all day.
  24. right-click
    Ben Gibbard Still Not Over That Girl Who Dumped Him Three Albums AgoPlus: Vampire Weekend!
  25. the industry
    Jim Carrey, Gay and in Prison
  26. last night's gig
    Bright Eyes, Streaked in Red
  27. right-click
    Lupe Fiasco Sings His Best Maybe-Kanye-Related Song
  28. right-click
    Common Sends One Out to the People
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