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Ben Godar

  1. A Politician Applies For a Job at McDonald’s, by Ben GodarI am here to announce my application for the position of line cook at this McDonald’s location. You don’t know me, so let me take a moment to […]
  2. A Note From the Principal About the Myths of Santa Claus and Democracy, by […]Dear Teachers and Staff, It’s that time of year when students begin asking questions about Santa Claus. Some are believers, some are doubters, […]
  3. A Bit of Clarification on Your ‘Bad Dudes’ Mission, by Ben GodarWe want to clarify the mission we laid out in our first transmission, which consisted only of: “The President has been kidnapped by ninjas. […]
  4. In Response to Your Manuscript, ‘The Bible,’ by Ben GodarDear Authors, Thank you for the opportunity to read your manuscript, The Bible. After careful consideration, I regret to inform you we are […]