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Ben Mezrich

  1. stonks!
    MGM Bets You’ll Love a Movie About the Whole GameStop Stock PandemoniumReportedly based on a book proposal by Ben Mezrich.
  2. quote machine
    Now That Zack Snyder Mentions It, The Fish of Ga’Hoole Sounds Like a Much Better IdeaPlus: Mindy Kaling wants her nosebleeds to mean something.
  3. Janet Maslin Unfriends Ben Mezrich“‘The Accidental Billionaires’ is so obviously dramatized, and so clearly unreliable, that there’s no mistaking it for a serious document.”
  4. Screenplay for Aaron Sorkin’s Facebook Movie Will Teach Us All a Dull, Important LessonSays a blogger who claims to have read it: “It’s a story about greed, about obsession, about our belief that all the money in the world can make us happy.”
  5. David Fincher the Perfect Choice to Direct Movie About Similarly Charming Facebook FounderThey’re both jerks! Allegedly!
  6. backlash
    Will Charges of Inaccuracy Bring Down ‘Bringing Down the House’?Ben Mezrich’s MIT card-counting thriller is now the latest nonfiction book to come under scrutiny by people who think “nonfiction” means “true.”