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  1. trailer mix
    Watch Marvel’s Doctor Strange Teaser TrailerSee the Sorcerer Supreme in action.
  2. doctor strange
    New Doctor Strange Pics Show a Magical Bromance#TrueDetectiveSeason3
  3. benedict cumberfood
    Benedict Cumberbatch Is Now a Chocolate Bunny400g of everyone’s favorite detective.
  4. behind the scenes
    Go Behind the Scenes of Victorian SherlockAiring January 1 on the BBC.
  5. first looks
    First Look at Cumberbatch in Doctor StrangeWhat sorcery is this.
  6. the industry
    Cumberbatch to Outwit Nazis in The War MagicianThe movie has been in development since 2003, so here’s hoping it sticks.
  7. pc culture
    Justin Theroux on Zoolander 2 Transphobia“Satire is a thing that points out the idiots.”
  8. letters to santa
    Benedict Cumberbatch Wrote a Letter to SantaThe actor asked for “a little more time for children to be children.”
  9. benedict cumberbatch
    Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Make Otter FacesSuch is fame in 2015.
  10. chat room
    Chiwetel Ejiofor Talks Secret, Doctor Strange“I’m working with Benedict Cumberbatch at the moment, and people have that hysterical quality when they’re around him.”
  11. castings
    Transparent’s Amy Landecker Joins Dr. StrangeCuriouser and curiouser!
  12. honours
    Benedict Cumberbatch Somehow Became Even More BritishHe was named a Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire for services to performing arts and charity.
  13. times talks
    Hiddleston to the Cumberbitches: No FightingThis isn’t exactly Sharks versus Jets.
  14. trailer mix
    Sherlock Victorian Special Trailer: Just Wear the Damn HatThrowback … Wednesday?
  15. mean tweets
    It’s Time for Mean Tweets: Live Edition!They’re rubber and you’re glue!
  16. the industry
    Cumberbatch, Gyllenhaal to Make Movie TogetherThe movie’s called The Current War. It’s about currents.
  17. trailer mix
    Cumberbatch, Elba, and Hiddleston in BBC PromoFor Sherlock, Luther, and The Night Manager.
  18. last night on late night
    Get Ready for ‘Live’ Mean Tweets With Jimmy KimmelStill cringeworthy, still funny.
  19. chat room
    Tom Hiddleston on Orgies, Nudity, Hank Williams“Listen, if it floats your boat, who am I to stand in judgment?”
  20. ban phones
    B. Cumberbatch Would Prefer You Not Record Him“It’s mortifying.”
  21. See Depp As Bulger in the Black Mass TrailerPahk the cah in the Oscah yahd!
  22. roll clip!
    Watch the First Clip From the Victorian-Set Sherlock SpecialThrowback!
  23. food art
    Benedict Cumberbatch Has a Giant Chocolate Clone NowAptly named Benedict Chocobatch.
  24. sexuality
    Sherlock Holmes Is Not Gay, Not Straight, Says Steven Moffat“He’s been saying it over 100 years! He’s not interested in [sex].”
  25. poems
    Benedict Cumberbatch Reads a Poem to Honor King Richard III, of CourseFor the reburial of King Richard III.
  26. tv
    Sherlock’s Christmas Special Will Be Set in the Victorian EraThat explains the costumes.
  27. awards season
    The Best 2015 Oscars After-party PhotosFeaturing Emma Stone, Beyoncé, Jared Leto, and more!
  28. oscars 2015
    Benedict Cumberbatch Hams It Up During the Oscars Opening NumberGlug, glug. 
  29. awards season
    Listen to Vulture’s Kyle Buchanan Talk Oscars on ‘The Frame’ PodcastAlongside interviews with Wes Anderson, Richard Linklater, Julianne Moore, and others.
  30. weddings!
    Benedict Cumberbatch Got Married on Valentine’s DaySorry, Cumberbitches.
  31. awards season
    Watch Every Famous British Person Reenact the Best American Movie ScenesCumberbatch, Redmayne, Hiddleston, and more.
  32. castings
    Hunnam Replaces Cumberbatch in Lost City of ZHe’s playing doomed explorer Colonel Percy Fawcett.
  33. on set photos
    Benedict Cumberbatch Dresses Like Original Sherlock, Looks GreatSpoiler alert.
  34. last night on late night
    Benedict Cumberbatch Tried Out Some New Names, AdorablyCan he pull off “Chad”?
  35. golden globes 2015
    Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Photobomb Meryl Streep at the Golden GlobesHe loves to bomb, this guy.
  36. wit and wisdom
    The Wit and Wisdom of Benedict CumberbatchHe’s got a theory about why Holmes never gets laid.
  37. doctor strange
    To No One’s Surprise, Benedict Cumberbatch Will Play Doctor StrangeThank you, Marvel. 
  38. roundtables
    Watch THR’s 2015 Oscar Round TablesEveryone loves Laura Dern. 
  39. impressions
    Cumberbatch’s Turing Is Just Sheldon From BBTYou won’t be able to unsee it now. Sorry.
  40. golden voice
    That’s Andy Serkis’s Voice You Hear in the Star Wars: Episode VII TrailerYep, Gollum.
  41. movie review
    Cumberbatch’s Captivating Strangeness Elevates The Imitation GameHe is the one freaky touch in an otherwise conventional movie, but the conventions in this case work handsomely. 
  42. exclusive
    Exclusive Clip: Cumberbatch in Imitation GameThe Imitation Game is out November 28.
  43. last night on late night
    Even Keira Knightley Is Frightened of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Fans“I feel terrified saying they’re terrifying.”
  44. memes
    Oops, We Inspired a Benedict Cumberbatch MemeAnd it’s a good one.
  45. last night on late night
    Benedict Cumberbatch Adorably Fails at Telling a ‘Booty’ StoryOn The Tonight Show.
  46. profile
    Benedict and the Cumberbitches: What Fame Looks Like From Inside a MemeNo one is immune to the charms of “the Internet’s Boyfriend.”
  47. impression that i get
    Benedict Cumberbatch Is the New King of Celebrity ImpressionistsSorry, Kevin Spacey.
  48. off the market
    Sorry, Cumberbitches: Benedict Cumberbatch Is Getting MarriedHer name is Sophie Hunter.
  49. casting couch
    Benedict Cumberbatch Is Your Next Marvel Movie StarMeet your new Doctor Strange.
  50. walk off!
    Watch Benedict Cumberbatch Strut His Stuff to BeyoncéDon’t choke on his eleganza.
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