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Benjamin Walker

  1. stage dive
    Theater Review: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof“Never in the long history of towels and crotches has there been such a knot.”
  2. theater
    Benjamin Walker Returns to Broadway for Cat on a Hot Tin RoofThe erstwhile vampire hunter buffs and boozes up to get back on stage.
  3. casting couch
    Benjamin Walker to Lead HBO Cold War Pilot The MissionaryIt is called The Missionary. It is not a Real Sex spinoff. 
  4. casting couch
    Benjamin Walker Joins Cat on a Hot Tin RoofIt’s for real this time!
  5. bilge ebiri
    Movie Review: Abraham Lincoln: Vampire HunterDoes any other American president have such an extensive fictional pop-culture mythos?
  6. party lines
    Party Lines Slideshow: Stars Talk VibratorsAt a screening of Hysteria.
  7. chat room
    Benjamin Walker on His Stand-Up Comedy Act and Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter“Yes, there are vampires in the movie, but it’s also a real honor to be part of the Lincoln story.”
  8. vulture lists
    Nine Actors Who Could Break Out Big in 2012Last year, we included Michael Fassbender and Jessica Chastain. Who made the cut this time?
  9. broadway
    Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson Moves to BroadwayIn September.