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Best Of 2010

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    What Was the Worst Movie of 2010?Remember when we said we were over 2010? We lied.
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    What Were Your Favorite Performances of 2010?From the big screen, the small screen, and the computer screen.
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    Vulture’s Year-End List of the Year’s Best Year-End ListsHelping you sort through the year-end crush.
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    Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof Pick Their Favorite Cultural Moments of 2010In which the ‘Lost’ co-creators prove they’ve made good use of their downtime. And Lindelof calls Cuse a dirty liar.
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    Are All the Celebrity Breakups Getting You Down?It’s so hard to let go.
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    Which Critical Darlings Mystified You the Most?What makes you think, “Why do people like that so much?” And what also makes you think, “Why don’t more people like this?”
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    What Are Your Top Five Movies of 2010?Sorry, ‘Rabbit Hole.’ We just can’t wait any longer!
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    What Are Your Top Five Albums of 2010?Time for more lists.
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    What Are Your Top Five TV Shows of 2010?Show us just how wrong we are. What hidden gems are we missing?
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    Go Inside New York’s Year-End Culture RoundupTop 10 lists! Brainy actors! Ryan Gosling!