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  1. The Best of the 2018 Sundance Film FestivalThe best performances, the creepiest noises, and the tiniest horses out of this year’s Sundance Film Festival.
  2. musicians on their own music
    The Hold Steady Picks the Best Hold Steady SongsCraig Finn and Tad Kubler select their best tracks, including “Positive Jam,” “Stuck Between Stations,” and “Oaks.”
  3. best of
    The Best Sketches From Inside Amy Schumer’s First Season“It’s also a Boingo Hotspot and I know you travel a lot…”
  4. very special episodes
    Jimmy Fallon Announces Late Night TV SpecialAiring January 5.
  5. best of
    Read David Edelstein’s Best Responses From His Reddit AMAHow the Internet has affected criticism, why he left 12 Years a Slave off his year-end best list, and more.
  6. best of
    Read Jerry Saltz’s Best Responses From His Reddit AMAThey’re great.
  7. best of
    See All of Vulture’s Breaking Bad IllustrationsWant to see what a Pollos Hermanos value meal looks like? Okay.
  8. we will remember you - will you remember us?
    Best of Jason Sudeikis on Saturday Night LiveIn honor of his departure, look back at his time as an a-hole, vice-president, and wannabe southern astronaut.
  9. we will remember you - will you remember us?
    Best of Bill Hader on Saturday Night LiveHis biggest characters: from Vinny Vedecci to “The Californians.”
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    The Unpredictable Patti Smith’s Favorite Cultural Moments of 2010We expected Jim Carroll, but ‘Law & Order: SVU’?