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    Steve Harvey on the Oscars Best Picture Mistake: ‘I Was Free! Thank You, God!’“When he walked out there and snatched that card out of Warren’s hand, that’s when I knew redemption was mine.”
  2. Biggest Mistakes in 9 Oscar-Winning MoviesNo movie is completely perfect — even if it’s won an Oscar for Best Picture.
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    Academy President Promises Oscars Changes to ‘Ensure This Never Happens Again’Cheryl Boone Isaacs addressed PwC, Beatty and Dunaway, and more in a note to Academy members.
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    The Oscars Stage Manager Says He Was Stunned by PwC Accountant Incompetence“When La La Land was announced, she did not try to get my attention, she did not say anything. And she’s supposed to have memorized the winners.”
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    Trump’s Theory on the Oscars Debacle: Everyone Was Too Busy Thinking About Trump“They were focused so hard on politics that they didn’t get the act together at the end.”
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    The Accounting Firm Behind Oscar Voting Apologizes for the Best Picture Mix-up“We are currently investigating how this could have happened, and deeply regret that this occurred.”
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    See the Casts of Moonlight and La La Land the Moment They Learned of Oscar SnafuPlus a bonus Meryl reaction shot, just for fun.
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    Emma Stone Says Her Best Actress Envelope Not to Blame for Best Picture Shocker“I don’t mean to start stuff, but whatever story that was — I had that card.”
  9. How Crash Crashed the OscarsAn oral history of a Best Picture shocker.
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    Remember, Tom McCarthy Also Directed The Cobbler“I love that movie. If you have four children and one of them’s wacky, you go, ‘Hey, he’s wacky, but I love that kid!’”
  11. The Oscars Got Selma Actress Tessa Thompson’s Name Wrong on Instagram#OscarsSoWhite?
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    Toy Story 3 Director Lee Unkrich and Writer Michael Arndt on Their Oscar Nominations“That sense of being a total impostor has lessened slightly.”
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    Ranking the Best Picture Nominees by Their ReviewsNo. 1 may surprise you.
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    Spiteful, Undervoting Academy Members to Do Not Much of AnythingAcademy members intentionally flouting the directions on their ballots in hopes of hurting their favorite movies’ competition probably won’t make much of a difference.
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    Up Director Pete Docter Reacts to His Oscar Nominations“It’s surreal to have your name read out over the Internet at 5:30 in the morning.”
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    The Case for Precious As Best Picture Front-runnerFour reasons this little movie is no underdog.
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    A Best Picture Contender’s Guide to Running Against Slumdog MillionaireNow that the underdog is the odds-on favorite, we’ve drafted a list of anti-’Slumdog’ talking points that might be helpful to publicists running rival Oscar campaigns.