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Best Web Videos Of The Week

  1. This Week in Comedy: Saying Goodbye to Joan Rivers - Legendary comedian Joan Rivers died at 81. -We showed you the late night tributes to Joan Rivers from David Letterman, Conan O’Brien, Jimmy […]
  2. This Week in Comedy: Summer’s End-Louis C.K., Sarah Silverman, and The Colbert Report won Emmys while Amy Poehler was snubbed for the 11th time. -We had an inside look at the […]
  3. This Week in Comedy: ‘The Late Late Show’ Gets a New Host-James Corden was revealed to be the new host of The Late Late Show, and we put together a video guide to introduce you to him. -T.J. Miller […]
  4. This Week in Comedy: Weird Al Hits #1 and ‘The Meltdown’ Premieres-Former SNL cast member Gary Kroeger wrote about what it’s like to be hired and then fired by the show. -Seinfeld writer Andy Cowan told us […]
  5. An Olympic-Less Week in Comedy- Abby Elliott is leaving SNL. - Michael J. Fox is coming back to TV. - Christopher Guest is shooting a series for HBO. - We talked to Rob […]
  6. A Podcasty Week in Comedy-We launched the Splitsider Podcast Network! -Chris Gethard wrote about how liberating it is to fail. -Humorist David Rakoff died, and we […]
  7. A Business-Like Week in Comedy-We talked to Anthony Jeselnik about his upcoming Comedy Central show, standup, and quitting his writing gig at Late Night with Jimmy […]
  8. An Emmy Nominated Week in Comedy- One of the original SNL writers Tom Davis died at age 59. - Emmy Nominations were announced. - Hulu to air new episodes of The Thick Of […]
  9. A Tiring Week in Comedy-Daniel Tosh got himself in some trouble. -We followed the deep vein of dark comedy throughout the entire career of Breaking Bad’s Vince […]
  10. This Week in Humorous Things-Steve Carell said goodbye to The Office. We looked at all the roles he almost had but didn’t end up with for one reason or another. -We […]
  11. The Week: A Comedy in One Act-The first full trailer for The Hangover Part II was released. -Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, Louis CK and Ricky Gervais sit around and shoot […]
  12. Some Comedic Stuff Happened This Week-We looked at 26 roles that Bill Murray almost played but didn’t, for various reasons. -We talked about the potential in Steve Carell’s Office […]