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  1. VH1 Cancels ‘Best Week Ever’ AgainVH1 announced today that they’ve canceled long-running series Best Week Ever for a second time. Best Week Ever originally ran from 2004 to […]
  2. Talking to Jared Logan About ‘The Half Hour’, Dramatic Acting, and Pop […]For the past 15 years, Comedy Central’s half hour specials have showcased the future stars of standup. Looking back, the early years of Comedy […]
  3. Michael Che Is Working on an Hour Special Even though he’s only been performing since 2010, Michael Che has quickly become one of the country’s most acclaimed up-and-coming stand-ups […]
  4. Meet Your New ‘Best Week Ever’ CastOn January 18th, VH1 is reviving Best Week Ever, its series in which comedians recap and riff on the week’s pop culture happenings. The […]
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    Meet the New Best Week Ever CastMichael Che, Ali Wong, Dan St. Germain, and more.
  6. The Jeff Rubin Jeff Rubin Show: Fred Graver, Who Has Done Everything“[Writing a Choose Your Own Adventure] is very much like writing a video game, and weirdly enough it was very much like writing remotes for […]
  7. ‘Best Week Ever’ Is Coming Back!New York comedians are having the best week ever because Best Week Ever is coming back. After three years off the air, VH1 is bringing the […]
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    VH1 Already Kicking Dirt on the Freshly Dug Grave of Paul F. TompkinsThe network is launching a new pop-culture show called ‘The Great Debate.’
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    Exclusive: VH1 Shelves Best Week Ever, Possibly PermanentlyThe popular show’s future is in jeopardy.
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    Will Ferrell Heeds Jeremy Piven’s AdvicePlus: Gus Van Sant reveals his true ambitions.
  11. apropos of nothing
    All Those Broken Lightbulbs May Have Paid Off — ‘Friday Night Lights’ Possibly Saved!Have crazy fans rescued yet another critically loved, ratings-deficient series from the jaws of cancellation? Maybe!
  12. the early-evening news
    Ben Silverman Darkly Threatens to Bring Back ‘Scrubs’Plus news on Cloverfield, VH1, and Paul Dergarabedian.