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Bette Davis

  1. emmys 2020
    The Failure of Mrs. America’s Phyllis SchlaflyRevisiting the show, I started to think about Bette Davis’s performance in In This Our Life and what it takes to create a white female villain.
  2. oscars 2019
    How the Oscars Went Austere for World War IIAfter nearly canceling the 1942 ceremony, the Oscars took a less-than-glamorous approach throughout the war — including issuing plaster trophies.
  3. Now, Voyager Is One of the Most Poignant Depictions of Mental Illness EverAn appreciation of the film on its 75th anniversary.
  4. legends
    Ryan Murphy Is Living for That Olivia De Havilland Feud Email“Everything that she says and does should be treasured.”
  5. quotables
    Channel Your Inner Bette Davis With Our Insult GeneratorA handy gadget that will give you the exact right thing to say the next time you end up in a horrible situation.
  6. emails
    Olivia de Havilland Sent a Gorgeous Email About How She Doesn’t Watch Feud“Having not seen the show, I cannot make a valid comment about it.”
  7. feud
    The Real-life Footage of the 1963 Oscars to Watch After Feud’s Big EpisodeCompare Ryan Murphy’s series to the telecast.
  8. Susan Sarandon on Feud and Why Everyone Gets So Mad at Her About Politics“It’s just a way to not deal with reality.”
  9. backstories
    The Story Behind Joan Crawford and Bette Davis’s Storied FeudA primer ahead of FX’s Feud.
  10. vulture lists
    The Bette Davis and Joan Crawford Films You Must Watch Before FeudFrom The Women to Now, Voyager.
  11. party chat
    Bette Davis Asked Ryan Murphy If He Wanted to Hold Her Oscars (Of Course He Did)“It put me on a path, because she was so unusual and never bent to what people thought she should be.”
  12. feud
    Watch Bette and Joan Wage the Backstage Battle of the Century in Feud TrailerStart mixing your martinis now.
  13. feud
    See Susan Sarandon and Jessica Lange in FeudSimply divine, darling.
  14. backstories
    Can Ryan Murphy Do Bette Davis and Joan Crawford Justice?Here’s a long, fascinating history of their feud.
  15. movies
    The Watcher in the Woods Is a Generation’s Halloween NightmareScary Bette Davis.
  16. stage dive
    Theater Review: The Mama Grizzly of The Little FoxesEven the light seems cut with razor blades.
  17. agenda
    DVDs From Bette Davis’s Out-There, Ferocious-Star DaysA terrific set of six discs that includes her fiery performances in All About Eve, Hush Hush Sweet Charlotte, and The Nanny.
  18. right-click
    Lil Mama: Great Artist or the Greatest Artist?Yep, more Kanye.