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  1. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: My Dinner Without Andre“The bigger the lie, the harder it can be to dig out.”
  2. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Homemade GrudgeIt feels as if Saul’s already here, but Jimmy doesn’t know it yet.
  3. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Just for KicksMike and Gus Fring finally meet face-to-face.
  4. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Over a Cracker BarrelJimmy sets himself on a path that’s far from all good, man.
  5. vulture lists
    10 Gus Fring Scenes to Rewatch Before His Better Call Saul ReturnHis most stunning Breaking Bad moments.
  6. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Batteries Not Included“Mabel” focuses on each character’s obsessive tendencies.
  7. exclusive
    Giancarlo Esposito On Reprising Gus Fring for Better Call Saul“I don’t like to repeat myself. So to come back and create a character I’d already created was … difficult.”
  8. gus fring alert
    Breaking Bad’s Gus Fring Will Live On in Better Call SaulDid you miss Los Pollos Hermanos?
  9. emmy insider
    BCS Team on the Difficulties of Making a Prequel“There are characters we’d love to have on from Breaking Bad who we just know met Jimmy/Saul for the first time on Breaking Bad.”
  10. roll clip!
    Bryan Cranston Would Appear on Better Call SaulHe’s also torn about directing an episode because of spoilers.
  11. vulture festival 2016
    Better Call Saul’s Jonathan Banks Is Like Your ‘Favorite Weird Uncle’He just wants to talk to you.
  12. vulture festival 2016
    Watch 3 Vulture Festival Panels on Facebook LiveStreaming this weekend for your remote enjoyment.
  13. the vulture tv podcast
    How Different Is Game of Thrones Now That It’s (Mostly) Off-Book?Not that different!
  14. close reads
    Chuck McGill Is Better Call Saul’s Version of Skyler WhiteBut the situation’s a lot more nuanced than that.
  15. overnights
    Better Call Saul Season Finale Recap: For the Record“Klick” is a microcosm of how Better Call Saul has operated from day one.
  16. chat room
    BCS’s Michael McKean on Sibling Rivalry“It’s like having Dickens write for you.”
  17. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Foiled AgainLet’s not get too antsy about Jimmy’s transformation into Saul.
  18. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: The Cost of MesaBanking compliance is complicated.
  19. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Resignation StatesJimmy is a wolf in Saul’s clothing.
  20. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Let’s Make a Deal“Your problem is coming back sooner than we expected.”
  21. influences
    Better Call Saul Influences: Godfather and More“We’ve been ripping off Edward Hopper shamelessly over the last two years, at least.”
  22. close reads
    Why Better Call Saul Is the Anti–Breaking BadWhere Vince Gilligan’s original AMC crime drama was plot-driven to a fault, the follow-up is more relaxed.
  23. renewals
    Better Call Saul Renewed for Season 3Get! That! Emmy!
  24. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Say UncleChuck isn’t the funniest guy.
  25. chat room
    Mark Margolis on Tio’s Better Call Saul Return“I’m the second-most famous bell ringer after Quasimodo.”
  26. with bob and saul goodman
    Better Call Saul Cameo Blew Bob Odenkirk’s Mind“I lose track of how the story plays out.”
  27. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Down Goes Tuco!To quote Nacho, “Something’s gotta give.”
  28. chat room
    BCS’s Michael Mando on Nacho’s Dilemma“Jimmy and Nacho are like the two kids in the sandbox that nobody’s playing with.”
  29. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Bingo!Jimmy’s slippin’.
  30. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Pie, Oh MyWhat a difference 17 miles makes.
  31. overnights
    Better Call Saul Premiere Recap: Don’t Hate the PlayuhJimmy isn’t quite Saul Goodman, but he’s no longer James A. McGill, Esq.
  32. sequential art
    There’s a Better Call Saul Superhero Comic, and You Can Read It NowIt’s short but delightful.
  33. better call saul
    Watch a Teaser for Better Call Saul Season 2Fewer bland suits. More moral dilemmas.
  34. ama
    Here Are the Best Answers From Vince Gilligan’s Reddit AMAHe would really like it if people stopped throwing pizzas on that lady’s roof.
  35. foreshadows
    What We Learned About Breaking Bad From Better Call SaulMore than just Easter eggs.
  36. tv recaps
    Better Call Saul Recap: Good-bye, Charlie HustleAlbuquerque, Chicago: Wherever Jimmy goes, he takes himself with him.
  37. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Family MattersJimmy finds resistance where he least expects it.
  38. Better Call Saul Recap: McGill & McGill, Esq. The story of how $22 aspirin and interstate commerce brought two brothers together. 
  39. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Cocobolo DreamsJimmy gets mired in hitches, twists, and other lawerly concerns. 
  40. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Living With ItMike opens up, physically and otherwise.
  41. Bob Odenkirk and the Integrity of IdeasIn the recent broadcast of Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary, there’s a moment where the camera catches Joe Piscopo from behind as he […]
  42. shut-ins
    Michael McKean Talks Playing a Shut-in on Better Call SaulAnd why Chuck’s affliction is real.
  43. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Shake-ups and Jell-O CupsA talking toilet, a Hummel figurine, and other life-changing encounters. 
  44. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: A Wolf in Tasmanian WoolA new suit and some old tricks put Jimmy in control, at least for a little while.
  45. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Survival TacticsJimmy closes in on the Kettlemans and finally gets some of that elusive cucumber water.
  46. tv ratings
    Better Call Saul’s Night-Two Ratings Aren’t Half BadSaul is here for the long haul.
  47. overnights
    Better Call Saul Recap: Rough Times, Smooth TalkSo many pettys with priors.
  48. tv ratings
    Better Call Saul Premieres With Best Cable Ratings EverBetter call it a hit.
  49. Better Call Saul Series Premiere Recap: UnoThe bus-bench lawyer from Breaking Bad begins his own pathetic origin story. 
  50. chatroom
    Bob Odenkirk on Saul Goodman’s Strange JourneyBreaking Bad fans are going to have to “adjust.”
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