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Betty Draper

  1. roll clip!
    Last Man on Earth Staged a Bloody Mad Men ReunionBetty’s got a gun.
  2. vulture originals
    See Betty Draper’s ‘Got Milk?’ AdYes, we made her one.
  3. costumes
    January Jones Didn’t Try Very Hard on Her Halloween CostumeShe looks a lot like Betty Draper.
  4. eat up
    Mad Men: Clip and Save the Recipe for Betty’s Squatter GoulashFor those cold nights when you have just two onions and an Army knife.
  5. mad men
    In Defense of ‘Fat Betty’ DraperWhy the prosthetic stomach and fake jowls give us new reasons to love Betty and care about her plight.
  6. weighty issues
    What Are Mad Men Critics Saying About Fat Betty?Everyone has an opinion.
  7. clickables
    Read Some Imagined Scenes From Betty and Bobby Draper’s Off-camera Mad Men Relationship“Jared: [holding out doll] Wanna see my new Buzz Lightyear? January: I’m not your mommy.”
  8. mad men
    Why do the Mad Men Writers Make Betty Draper Such a Monster?While the ladies around her bloom, Betty hardens, her character getting ever icier, vainer, more alien.
  9. mad men
    Betty Draper Could Have Handled That Whole Masturbation Thing BetterYou know, without the hitting.
  10. ugly betty
    Watch Betty Draper’s Guide to ParentingBobby! Sally! Go watch TV!
  11. casting couch
    Mad Men Casting New Actors Who Sound Like the Old ActorsThat “handsome creative male” had better not replace Jon Hamm.
  12. mad men
    Okay, the New Mad Men Barbies Look Kind of CoolIt was only a matter of time before Betty and Don got the Mattel treatment.
  13. mad men
    Make a Grand Gesture With Unauthorized Mad Men Valentines“What you call love was invented by guys like me to sell nylons. Happy Valentine’s Day, baby!”
  14. casting couch
    January Jones Will Return to Mad MenWe have not seen the last of Elizabeth Hofstadt Draper Francis.
  15. vulture lists
    5 Things That Might Happen on the Mad Men FinaleMaybe a character will die or something. No harm in guessing!
  16. mad men
    More Mad Men Eye Candy for You to Feast OnWe particularly enjoy the image of Betty looking into a display window.