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Beverly Hills Cop 4

  1. you’re hired
    Brett Ratner to Direct Beverly Hills Cop 4Jerry Bruckheimer to produce.
  2. sequels
    Eddie Murphy Onboard for Fourth Beverly Hills Cop MovieParamount was motivated by the buzz surrounding the recently failed Beverly Hills Cop pilot. 
  3. ratner
    Brett Ratner Rejects Vulture’s Made-up Beverly Hills Cop ScriptApparently Ratner’s ‘BHC’ reboot will be ‘a hard R,’ which probably means he hated our PG-rated screenplay.
  4. Paramount Demands the Immediate Removal of Vulture’s Fake ‘Beverly Hills Cop IV’ ScriptWho could possibly have imagined we would’ve imagined the exact same dialogue, scene headings, camera directions, and page numbers as the script’s Paramount-hired authors!
  5. apropos of nothing
    Eddie Murphy Not Retiring; ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ to Stink Up Theaters As PlannedGreat news, Brett Ratner fans!
  6. apropos of nothing
    Eddie Murphy Would Rather Retire Than Work With Brett RatnerEddie Murphy claims he’s done making movies. We just wish he’d make a good one.
  7. apropos of nothing
    Vulture Exclusive! Brett Ratner’s Script for ‘Beverly Hills Cop 4’ Revealed!What will happen to the Detroit police detective we know and love?
  8. the industry
    Eddie Murphy Moves Back to Beverly HillsPlus: Tori Spelling returns to Beverly Hills, 50 Cent gets a reality show, and MTV wants your teenage daughter to get knocked up.