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Bieber Fever

  1. bieber fever
    Bieber Performs a Striptease at ‘Fashion Rocks’For no apparent reason.
  2. surprise!
    Watch Justin Bieber Join Chance the Rapper Onstage at CoachellaTake that, Jay Z and Beyoncé.
  3. clickables
    Justin Bieber Releases Two New Believe Album CoversBelieve it. Because that’s the title.
  4. robert pattinson
    Robert Pattinson Says He Once Looked Like a Homeless PersonStars! They’re just like us!
  5. clickables
    Watch a Huge Mob of Teenage Girls Chant for Justin BieberThey’re ready to break something.
  6. bieber fever
    Justin Bieber Moves Lots of Nail PolishTeenage girls, man.
  7. bieber fever
    Efron and Bieber to Present at Golden GlobesWords that make tween girls swoon.
  8. talk
    Has Bieber Fever Broken?Which is better: His music or our puns?
  9. music
    Justin Bieber Nearly Trampled by Throng of Teenage Girls; Attempts to Escape on SegwayBieber fever runs deep.
  10. bieber fever
    CSI Watchers Are About to Learn Who Justin Bieber IsBecause he’s guest-starring on the season premiere.
  11. bieber fever
    American Idol Lowers Age Requirement So It Can Find Next Justin Bieber29-year-olds remain out of luck.
  12. bieberpocalypse
    Lesbians Suffering From Bieber Fever Coin a Name for ThemselvesMeet the “Biebians.”
  13. bieber nation
    Justin Bieber Played a Secret Show in QueensTeenage star pursues indie cred.