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  1. bieberpocalypse
    Okay, Now Bieber Mania Is Just Trying to Creep You Out“The most frequent comment we heard from fans … was: ‘Why doesn’t the doll have Justin’s hairstyle that you can comb?’”
  2. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Is Wreaking Havoc in The-Dream’s DivorceIs there no end to his destruction?
  3. bieberpocalypse
    The Justin Bieber Riot Tour Hits Home“There were vases being broken, and people climbing over other people and a lot of screaming. [It was] chaos … screaming, screaming and more screaming.”
  4. Brace Yourself, U.K.: Justin Bieber Is ComingThe Bieber Riot Tour 2010, coming to the U.K.
  5. Justin Bieber to Embarrass Major League BaseballHe’s debuting a new, surely more-awesome-than-baseball music video right before the World Series.
  6. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber’s Rapping: Now Rapper-Approved!Vado: “He sounded like [Notorious] B.I.G.”
  7. bieberpocalypse
    Bieber’s Backstage Demands: Swedish Fish, Honey, and White BreadAnd white T-shirts.
  8. bieberpocalypse
    All of Justin Bieber’s Scenes From Last Night’s CSIWe have video.
  9. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Wears Band-Aids on His Fingers ‘Because Michael Jackson Did It’Ellen: “Stop there with that one, all right?”
  10. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Is Above the LawBieber walks away from a recent dastardly water-ballooning incident.
  11. tweenage dream
    Bieber Joined by Famous Friends at Madison Square Garden ShowMiley joins Justin in song.
  12. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Is Not, In Fact, SuperhumanHe cancels New York State Fair show Sunday night.
  13. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Biopic Is Suddenly Director-lessDavis Guggenheim drops out.
  14. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber To Star in 3-D Movie About His LifeOscar winner Davis Guggenheim will direct.
  15. bieberpocalypse
    At Last, Justin Bieber to Write MemoirYep.
  16. bieberpocalypse
    A Complete Guide to Justin Bieber’s Dance MovesThe Shoulder Shrug! The Slide-and-Point! The Ralph Macchio!
  17. bieberpocalypse
    Lesbians Suffering From Bieber Fever Coin a Name for ThemselvesMeet the “Biebians.”
  18. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Among the BET Awards NomineesHe’s “crossed the color boundaries the same way that hip-hop has crossed the boundaries the other way.”
  19. bieberpocalypse
    Twitter Kills Justin BieberThe Bieb is no longer trending.
  20. justin bieber riot watch
    Justin Bieber to Record Album, Wreak Havoc in New YorkBieber will bring his traveling squadron of tweeting, shrieking rioters to our fair city when he records his next album here.
  21. bieberpocalypse
    Bieber Hairstyle Sweeping The Nation, Says TimesBoys spending up to $175 to replicate the star’s look.
  22. bieberpocalypse
    The Latest Victim of the Justin Bieber Traveling Riot: Justin Bieber’s HatSomeone stole it!
  23. bieberpocalypse
    New Zealand Braces for Hurricane BieberExtra security has been called in to deal with Justin Bieber’s appearance.
  24. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber Inciting Riots Internationally NowAustralia, you are not safe.
  25. music
    Celebrities With Bieber Bangs: A Surprisingly Entertaining Photo GalleryFor instance, Charles Barklieber.
  26. chat room
    Vulture Interviews Justin Bieber“My favorite subject? Is … probably English.”
  27. music
    April Fools: Justin Bieber Takes Over Funny or Die, Renames It Bieber or Die“Anything that’s not Bieber, dies.”
  28. Justin Bieber Brazenly Defies Authority, Defends His Jailed Manager“My mother and I are 100% behind my manager. He is someone of high moral character and principle.”
  29. bieberpocalypse
    Justin Bieber on His Type: ‘Barbara Walters’See the video!
  30. Write Justin Bieber a Poem, Win a Teddy Bear That Has Touched His LipsThis is the closest you can hope to get.