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  1. the law
    Accused Rapist Harvey Weinstein Distances Himself From Bill Clinton at TrialThe mogul’s lawyers complained that prosecutors brought up his friendship with Bill Clinton on the worst possible day.
  2. last night on late night
    Bill Clinton Compares Impeachment Notes With President Trump in SNL Cold Open“Not for that. They don’t mind when I do that, trust me.”
  3. scandals
    American Crime Story’s Third Season to Focus on Bill Clinton’s Impeachment TrialAnd Monica Lewinsky is producing it.
  4. theater review
    Theater Review: A Transitory Journey to the Recent Past in Hillary and ClintonLaurie Metcalf and John Lithgow as the couple we all think we know.
  5. politics
    Hasan Minhaj Reveals How Bill Clinton Inspired Him to Create Patriot Act“I remember standing there and being like, ‘Bill, I hate to tell you this … I don’t know any terrorists.”
  6. podcast review
    What Is Slow Burn Without Monica Lewinsky?The Slate podcast is an excellent political documentary, but it’s missing a crucial voice.
  7. tv
    Never-Before-Seen Footage of Clinton and Lewinsky to Be Included in New DocYes, the blue Gap dress will make an appearance.
  8. aretha franklin
    Bill Clinton Eulogizes Aretha Franklin, and Compliments Her Many Lewks“I wonder what my friend’s got on today. I wanna see what the girl is carrying out.”
  9. tributes
    See All the Celebrities Who Showed Up to Pay Their Respects to Aretha FranklinAriana and Hillary hugged.
  10. funerals
    Aretha Frankin’s Funeral Was a Star-studded Diva’s HomegoingIncluding a performance from Ariana Grande and a speech by Bill Clinton.
  11. podcasts
    Why Slow Burn Season Two Is All About Bill Clinton’s ImpeachmentA behind-the-scenes look at the Slate podcast’s latest obsession.
  12. podcasts
    Slate’s Slow Burn Podcast to Return With New Season About Clinton ImpeachmentPremiering August 8.
  13. cardi b 2020
    Cardi B Calls Trump a ‘Madman’ and a ‘Dickhead’She also has thoughts on impeachment.
  14. last night on late night
    Stephen Colbert Gives Bill Clinton a ‘Do-over’ on His Monica Lewinsky RemarkJust yesterday, Clinton said he “did the right thing” during the Lewinsky scandal.
  15. television
    History Is No Longer Making Its Bill Clinton Impeachment SeriesThe news came shortly after Ryan Murphy confirmed he is also shelving his Bill Clinton–Monica Lewinsky American Crime Story season.
  16. last night on late night
    Bill Clinton Talks Dictators, Democracy, and Trump (Sort of) on Conan“[Dictators] want to abolish the line between fact and fiction and truth and lie.”
  17. dynamic duos
    Showtime Nabs the Rights to Bill Clinton and James Patterson’s Forthcoming NovelGet ready for The President Is Missing: The TV Series.
  18. james patterson
    Bill Clinton and James Patterson Courting A-List Directors to Adapt Their NovelClinton and co-writer James Patterson are reportedly holding meetings with J.J. Abrams, Steven Spielberg, and more.
  19. movies
    The Linda Tripp and Monica Lewinsky Drama Linda and Monica Heads to AmazonFlint Wainess’s screenplay made the Black List in 2016.
  20. books
    Bill Clinton and James Patterson Are Writing a Novel About a Missing PresidentWhomever could it be about?
  21. unlikely pairs
    Bill Clinton Honors Sarah McLachlan at Juno Music AwardsThe unlikely pair have been pals for some time.
  22. i'm still with her
    Audience Goes Nuts for Hillary Clinton at Broadway Show In TransitThe former presidential nominee was attending the show with husband Bill.
  23. party reports
    Bill Clinton Saw Lion, So at Least There’s ThatIf you’re wondering how the Clintons’ post-election life is going to look, last night was a perfect indicator.
  24. Bill Clinton Will Appear on ‘The Daily Show with Trevor Noah’ This ThursdayBill Clinton makes his Daily Show with Trevor Noah debut this week. Comedy Central announced today that the former US president is slated to […]
  25. Seth Meyers Took a Closer Look at Bill Clinton’s Speech and Trump’s […]On last night’s Late Night, Seth Meyers took A Closer Look at the second night of the DNC, including speeches from Howard Dean, Meryl Streep, […]
  26. last night on late night
    Lenny Kravitz Is About to Make You Cry a Little“U up?”
  27. Bill Clinton to Appear on ‘The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’ Next WeekBill Clinton is visiting Stephen Colbert on The Late Show next week. According to THR, Clinton is set to appear on Tuesday, October 6th, […]
  28. happy birthday to you
    Watch Kevin Spacey ‘Prank Call’ Hillary Clinton in Honor of Bill’s 68th BirthdayHillary says Bill’s birthday gift is “a very personal decision.”
  29. Will Ferrell and Adam McKay Tried to Get Barack Obama to Cameo in […]In a new interview with Paste magazine, Anchorman director/co-writer Adam McKay revealed that he and Will Ferrell tried to get a bunch of super […]
  30. squashed beef
    Justin Bieber and Bill Clinton Settled Their DifferencesStill wish we knew what the deal was in the first place, though.
  31. Watch Paul Scheer and Will Arnett Recreate an Episode of ‘The Arsenio Hall […] Here’s the inaugural episode of The ArScheerio Paul Show, Paul Scheer’s new web series for the YouTube channel JASH that involves him […]
  32. impressions
    Here’s Will Arnett Playing Bill Clinton to Paul Scheer’s Arsenio HallThe first episode of The ArScheerio Paul Show.
  33. Watch Stephen Colbert Interview Bill Clinton Stephen Colbert interviewed President Bill Clinton this weekend at the 2013 Clinton Global Initiative, and their 15-minute-ish conversation […]
  34. Stephen Colbert Will Interview Bill Clinton Comedy Central announced today that Stephen Colbert will be interviewing former President Bill Clinton on an episode of The Colbert Report […]
  35. the after party
    Bill Clinton Is Also a Homeland Fan“President Bill Clinton asked if I would come and meet him in some special room.”
  36. golden globes 2013
    The Highs and Lows of the Golden GlobesTina Fey and Amy Poehler: highlight. Robert Downey Jr.: surprise lowlight.
  37. documentaries
    Martin Scorsese Is Making a Bill Clinton DocFor HBO.
  38. The Lost Comedy Career of Bill ClintonPerhaps no political figure in US history (save for George W. Bush) has been the subject of more jokes and ribbing than Bill Clinton. Just from […]
  39. That Time Bill Clinton Went to the ‘30 Rock’ Set Just to Hang“The thing about 30 Rock too is that there is such an element of high-profile guest stars and just people around. Like the day that they shot […]
  40. m83
    Watch Bill Clinton Play M83We ♥ the nineties.
  41. celebrity book club
    Mindy Kaling Feels That She Is Bill Clinton’s Type“I was like, ‘I think I have a shot at this.’”
  42. Mindy Kaling and Bill Clinton’s Missed Connection Is One for the Ages Aha! The long-awaited inside scoop on Mindy Kaling and Bill Clinton’s burgeoning romance, kind of. Apparently, after they appeared on The […]
  43. Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling Walk Into a Book Club… This video of Today guests Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling recommending their favorite holiday books is pretty fun. Although how rude was it of […]
  44. book club
    Bill Clinton and Mindy Kaling Recommend Books Together, Just BecauseThis is too good.
  45. Bill Clinton Storms Celebrity Brains In New Funny Or Die Video In all seriousness, imagine how delicious Sean Penn’s lunch probably would be. I’m imagining a series of ever so sumptuous mousses and foams […]
  46. clickables
    Watch Ben Stiller, Matt Damon, Sean Penn, and More Brainstorm for Bill ClintonKristen Wiig and Kevin Spacey are also in the star-studded spoof.
  47. clickables
    Watch Lady Gaga Serenade the Clintons Wearing a Boob JacketAt an L.A. charity concert.
  48. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Bill Clinton Wishes for a ‘Meatless’ Lady Gaga at His PartyPlus: In a funny bout of circumstance, Rob Lowe does his best Bill Clinton impression, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  49. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Kevin Connolly Talks of President Obama’s Refusals to Star in the Last Season of EntouragePlus: Chris Kattan and Jimmy Fallon go to war in this super-wet supercut of their water-drenched card game, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  50. clickables
    Hear Bill Clinton Ace His My Little Pony Quiz on ‘Wait Wait…Don’t Tell Me!’Also: He’d never heard “Wait Wait” before.
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