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  1. remakes upon remakes
    Disney To Understand True Meaning Of Remakes With New Christmas Carol MovieNo, not the Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds one. A new one.
  2. oscars 2019
    The Behind-the-Scenes History of Hugh Jackman’s Oscars Opening NumberHow three alt-comedians ended up writing one of the best sequences to air on the Academy Awards.
  3. Beauty and The Beast’s Bill Condon Might Direct Bride of FrankensteinHere’s hoping for an exclusively gay Frankenstein moment.
  4. chat room
    Bill Condon on Beauty and the Beast, and Lindsay Lohan’s Plan for Little Mermaid“The crucial thing for me was to make as much of it real as possible.”
  5. stage adaptations
    We’re Getting a Stage A Star Is Born in Addition to That Cooper-Gaga MovieAnother star is also born.
  6. a moment like this
    Bill Condon Agrees Beauty and the Beast ‘Exclusively Gay Moment’ Was ‘Overblown’“I love the way it plays pure when people don’t know and it comes as a nice surprise.”
  7. party chat
    Ian McKellen Improvised a Song for Cogsworth on Beauty and the Beast“I call it Beauty and the Clock.”
  8. the industry
    Ian McKellen Will Play a Clock Sir Ian will be Cogsworth in the live-action Beauty and the Beast.
  9. movies
    Bill Condon Is Helming a Live-Action Beauty and the BeastFor Disney.
  10. casting couch
    Ian McKellen Will Play Sherlock HolmesSo many Sherlock Holmeses!
  11. trailer mix
    Bill Condon Explains the Fifth Estate Trailer“We’re trying very hard to make a movie that raises all the questions without providing all the answers.”
  12. casting couch
    Dan Stevens In Talks for Wikileaks MovieCousin Matthew, hacker extraordinaire.
  13. spoiler alert
    The Story Behind Breaking Dawn’s Twist EndingDirector Bill Condon splls all.
  14. casting
    Jeremy Renner May Play Julian AssangeIn a film that Bill Condon would direct.
  15. How the Brett Ratner Oscar Resignation Went DownAnd what are the odds that Eddie Murphy will stick around?
  16. comic-con 2011
    Bill Condon Was Not Ready for Your Screaming, Twilight Fans“I was surprised by all the screams. I was!”
  17. twilight breaking dawn
    Bella and Edward’s Most Passionate Moment FilmedThe film’s first shot has been tweeted.
  18. tildapocalypse
    HBO’s Nikki Finke Show Loses Its ShowrunnerHBO has fired showrunner Cynthia Mort from the Diane Keaton–starring series.
  19. vampires
    Bill Condon Reaches Out to the ‘Twihards’He wants them to know that he’s studying up.
  20. new guy
    Bill Condon to Direct Breaking DawnSorry, Marlon Wayans, you’re never going to get that Oscar.
  21. vampires
    Bad News, Marlon Wayans: Bill Condon the Top Choice to Direct Breaking DawnThe director would have to push back his Richard Pryor biopic.
  22. vampires
    Summit Offers Twilight 4 to Coppola, Van SantSummit has offered ‘Breaking Dawn’ to classy directors Sofia Coppola, Bill Condon, and Gus Van Sant.
  23. bioshock
    Marlon Wayans Is Self-Aware“Look, I want to be able to make the stupidest movies ever … “
  24. bioshock
    Will a Role in a Richard Pryor Biopic Finally Win Marlon Wayans an Oscar?We guess this isn’t, technically, the worst idea we’ve ever heard.
  25. kudos
    Mystery Surrounds Marketing of Least-Anticipated Oscars EverSome stars might not walk the red carpet!
  26. dead silence
    Oscar Producers Killing Applause for Dead StarsThey’re cutting the audio during this year’s ‘In Memoriam’ tribute.