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  1. What a Deadlocked Jury Could Mean in the Cosby CaseThe possible scenarios.
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    Bill Cosby Jury Unable to Reach VerdictA motion for a mistrial was denied, and the jury has been ordered to return to deliberations.
  3. Attorney Gloria Allred Will Take On Bill Cosby in California Civil Case“If Mr. Cosby were to be convicted in this case, it would have a bearing on his credibility.”
  4. What Happens If Bill Cosby Is (or Isn’t) ConvictedWhat you need to know.
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    The Cosby Jury Just Asked to Hear Andrea Constand’s Testimony AgainThis is the fourth time the jury has paused deliberations to ask a question about the evidence in the trial.
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    A Jury Expert Explains the Cosby Trial’s Key IssuesMelissa Gomez, a jury expert and author of the book Jury Trials Outside In, gives the lowdown.
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    Bill Cosby Jury Doesn’t Reach a Verdict on Their First Day of DeliberationsThe jury will reconvene on Tuesday morning.
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    It’s Now Up to the Jury to Decide Bill Cosby’s FateHe could face up to ten years in prison if convicted.
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    Bill Cosby’s Defense Shocks the Court by Resting Case in Less Than Five MinutesThe jury could begin deliberating as early as this afternoon.
  10. Bill Cosby Feared Being Called a ‘Dirty Old Man’ for Involvement with ConstandBill Cosby and Andrea Constand’s professional relationship came under closer scrutiny in day five of the trial.
  11. Longtime Cosby Accuser Victoria Valentino: Bill Cosby Is a ‘Predator’“I hope he suffers the consequences of his actions, because we certainly have.”
  12. Bombshell Revelations Drop in Bill Cosby’s TrialThis may be the closest we ever get to hearing Bill Cosby’s side of the story.
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    These Are the Celebrities Bill Cosby Has Brought With Him to His TrialTwo former co-stars and two comedy friends so far.
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    Here’s How Bill Cosby’s Defense Is Attempting to Discredit Andrea ConstandThey’re trying to paint a picture of a woman enamored by Cosby’s celebrity.
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    Andrea Constand Gives First Public Testimony About 2004 Bill Cosby Assault“I wasn’t able to fight him away.”
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    Bill Cosby Accuser ‘Kacey’ Testifies He Drugged, Sexually Assaulted Her in 1996“I was very afraid because I had a secret about the biggest celebrity in the world at that time.”
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    Everything You Need to Know About Bill Cosby’s Sexual-Assault TrialThe trial starts June 5.
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    Bill Cosby Arrived to Sexual-Assault Trial With The Cosby Show’s Rudy HuxtablePhylicia Rashad is also expected to appear at the sexual-assault trial.
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    A 12-Member Jury Has Been Selected in the Bill Cosby TrialThe jurors were selected in Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, but the trial will be held in Montgomery County.
  20. New Podcast Cosby Unraveled Explores Bill Cosby’s Life and DownfallThe new podcast will run during the comedian’s sexual-assault trial.
  21. Bill Cosby Thinks Racism Could Have Motivated Sexual-Assault AccusationsHe also announced that he won’t testify at his sexual-assault trial.
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    Bill Cosby Is Trying to Have Damning Testimony Left Out of Sexual-Assault TrialHis lawyers say using the testimony would contradict an earlier ruling.
  23. i have a dream
    No, Dave Chappelle, Bill Cosby Didn’t Pay for MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream’ PA SystemWe looked into Chappelle’s unconfirmed fact from his recent Netflix special.
  24. Bill Cosby Will Get an Outside Jury in Sexual-Assault TrialMany of his jurors may reportedly come from his hometown of Philadelphia.
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    Only One Other Bill Cosby Accuser Allowed to Testify at Sexual-Assault TrialCosby’s trial is set to begin in June.
  26. 10 Comedians Who Borrowed Jokes Without Making Headlines Stan Laurel once said, “All comedians steal from all comedians.” If you waste enough time looking into it, you might be surprised to learn […]
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    Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Seek to Get Janice Dickinson Defamation Suit Thrown OutThe filing suggests that Cosby is not responsible for what past lawyers have said about Dickinson.
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    Bill Cosby’s Lawyers Want a New Trial LocationThey say the media coverage in the current county has tainted the jury pool.
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    Bill Cosby’s Damning Testimony Will Be Allowed in His Sexual-Assault TrialHe admitted to drugging women for sex in unsealed testimony from Andrea Constand’s 2005 lawsuit.
  30. Cosby Show Reruns Will Return to Bounce Network“Back by popular demand.”
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    Cosby’s Lawyers Insist His Career’s Not Over“There is no reason to believe otherwise.”
  32. The Cosby Show Is Finally Leaving HuluCosby’s eponymous 1980s family sitcom will disappear from Hulu on November 7.
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    Bill Cosby Is Reportedly Legally Blind“No 79-year-old blind man could possibly defend himself against a claim that he sexually assaulted someone he supposedly met once, half a century ago.”
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    Bill Cosby Loses Appeal to Stop Sexual-Assault TrialA judge has rejected his attempt to have his case dismissed.
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    Kristina Ruehli Drops Defamation Suit Against Bill CosbyThis is the second defamation suit against Cosby that has been dropped this year.
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    Cosby Tries to Get Sexual-Assault Case DismissedA new motion seeks to have the criminal case against Cosby tossed.
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    Bill Cosby Ordered to Stand Trial in Sexual-Assault CaseHe could face up to ten years if convicted.
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    Bill Cosby, Hugh Hefner Sued for Sexual BatteryChloe Goins has again sued Cosby, and added Hefner to the lawsuit.
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    Andrea Constand Wants Bill Cosby’s ‘Breach of Contract’ Lawsuit DismissedHer lawyer says Cosby “misused” the contract.
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    Cosby’s Criminal Case Resumes After Court Rejects AppealThe trial is over a 2004 encounter with a then-Temple University employee.
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    Judge Rules Camille Cosby Must Testify Again in Defamation SuitBut she likely won’t have to answer most of the questions.
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    Bill Cosby Scandal Added to Smithsonian ExhibitAs part of the new National Museum of African American History and Culture.
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    Malcolm-Jamal Warner Calls Bill Cosby’s Treatment UnbalancedIn a forthcoming appearance on The Real.
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    Cosby Case Halts; Libel Accusers Target Q. JonesTwo big updates.
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    Bill Cosby Drops Defamation Suit Against Beverly Johnson; Others Still ActiveHe dropped his lawsuit against model Beverly Johnson.
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    Camille Cosby Lost the Bid to Postpone Her Scheduled Deposition Again [Updated]Camille’s lawyer had filed an emergency motion to stop the deposition.
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    Bill Cosby Sues Andrea Constand for Breach of ContractHe claims Constand, her mother, lawyers, and the National Enquirer broke a confidentiality agreement.
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    Bill Cosby Loses Appeal That Could Have Stalled His Sex Assault CaseThe same judge had already refused to dismiss the case earlier this month.
  49. kanye tweets
    Kanye West Says Bill Cosby Is InnocentHe hasn’t deleted the tweet yet.
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    Judge Rejects Bill Cosby’s Request for Sexual-Assault Charges to Be Dismissed The judge has found that Cosby did not have an immunity deal.
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