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  1. movie review
    On the Rocks Is a Light Comedy About Some Heavy FeelingsRashida Jones and Bill Murray are a daughter and dad who turn up some repressed familial pain in Sofia Coppola’s new film, streaming on Apple TV+.
  2. last night on late night
    Bill Murray Shows Off His Rusty KnivesJimmy Kimmel Live? More like Jimmy Kimmel Knives.
  3. respect the classics
    The Doobie Brothers and Bill Murray Are Feuding Because 2020 Just Won’t QuitA case of golf apparel, song rights, and puns.
  4. trailer mix
    On the Rocks Trailer: Bill Murray, Rashida Jones Have a Daddy-Daughter AdventureSofia Coppola’s mini Lost in Translation reunion is out this October.
  5. vulture sports
    With the Cubs’ Seventh-Inning Stretch, Here’s Bill Murray and a Giant Teddy BearLike you, Bill Murray seems like he’s really missed baseball.
  6. last night on late night
    Name a More Iconic Duo Than Bill Murray and Guy Fieri, We’ll WaitThey will critique your nachos.
  7. tv
    Bill Murray Starts Living in The Now, Alongside Dave FrancoPeter Farrelly’s upcoming comedy for Quibi.
  8. casting
    Bill Murray May Have Answered the Call for Ghostbusters SequelAccording to Dan Aykroyd, at least.
  9. backstage drama
    What About That Time Bill Murray Threw an Ashtray at Richard Dreyfuss?Apparently all was not well on the set of What About Bob?
  10. last night on late night
    We Finally Know What Bill Murray Whispered to Selena Gomez“Where are you from?”
  11. i am not afraid of any ghost
    Sigourney Weaver Is In for Ghostbusters 3There is Dana, but is there Zuul?
  12. cannes 2019
    What Did Bill Murray Whisper in Selena Gomez’s Ear at Cannes?The 72nd Festival de Cannes is only a few hours old, and it already has its first mystery.
  13. cannes 2019
    Selena Gomez, Bill Murray, and Tilda Swinton on What Terrifies Them“I find Cannes terrifying,” deadpanned Murray at The Dead Don’t Die press conference.
  14. trailer mix
    The Dead Don’t Die Trailer: Protect Your Braaaains, Bill Murray and Adam Driver!Flesh-eating zombies have never looked cooler.
  15. movies
    Sofia Coppola Reunites With Bill Murray for New Film On the RocksIt will be the first film made under A24’s deal with Apple.
  16. bill murray sightings
    A Chicago Comedian Has Created the Only Bill Murray Encounter That MattersA true gift.
  17. movies
    Zombieland Will Return From the Undead With a SequelZombieland 2 will reunite the original cast, writers, and director.
  18. How Harold Ramis and Bill Murray Ended Their FeudIt involved doughnuts.
  19. the harvey weinstein case
    Bill Murray Says He Doesn’t Know What Harvey Weinstein Is Being Accused Of“I mean, I don’t know exactly what he’s being accused of yet.”
  20. Watch This Exclusive Short Film Starring the Dogs of Wes Anderson’s Isle of DogsBill Murray, Jeff Goldblum, and Tilda Swinton chat about the meaning of doghood in this delightful stop-motion animated short.
  21. last night on late night
    Bill Murray’s Steve Bannon Refuses to Believe His Time in the Spotlight Is OverHe looks like Death warmed over.
  22. bill murray sightings
    Is Bill Murray at Groundhog Day Two Nights in a Row, or Is This a Time Loop?Is there a Tony for best theater patron?
  23. bill murray sightings
    Bill Murray Fully Committed to Part of Groundhog Day Broadway Audience MemberMurray didn’t hide his reactions, or tears, when he saw the musical for the first time.
  24. respect the classics
    Bill Murray Is Making Classical Music Now, and He’s Taking It on TourHe promised a little West Side Story.
  25. bill murray sightings
    Bill Murray, the Rogue, Tries Bribing Minor League Ump With Cold, Hard CashTypical Murray-ian disregard for the way things are done.
  26. vulture cover story
    The Writer of Groundhog Day Has Been Living His Movie for the Past 24 YearsFor Danny Rubin, who wrote the beloved movie and the new musical, every day is Groundhog Day.
  27. sports ball
    Bill Murray Goes Full Proud Papa Rooting for Xavier in NCAA Tournament GameWatch Bill Murray watch sports.
  28. story time
    Paul Shaffer Reveals the Origins of Bill Murray’s SNL Lounge SingerPaul Shaffer shares new stories about working with Bill Murray, David Letterman, and the Blues Brothers
  29. the videodome
    Of Course Bill Murray Made a Super-Happy Music Video With Paul ShafferLook for the Easter eggs!
  30. alternate universe casting couch
    Bill Murray Lost the Lead Role in the Toni Erdmann Remake to Jack Nicholson“That guy’s a poacher. He’ll take anything.”
  31. apocryphal encounters
    Chrissy Teigen Joins the Havers of Weird Bill Murray Encounters; They Are LegionChrissy Teigen is a friend of Bill.
  32. sweet home chicago
    Bill Murray Opening Caddyshack Bar in ChicagoWell? We’re waiting.
  33. solved mysteries
    Tom Hanks Clears Up That Bill Murray Mystery Photo … Or Does He?It was Bill, probably.
  34. Benedict Cumberbatch Brought His Calming Charms to the Last ‘SNL’ Before […] SNL has spent plenty of time tearing apart this year’s crop of presidential candidates and all the crazy shit they’ve gotten into, but this […]
  35. last night on late night
    Watch Bill Murray Sing a Baseball Song on SNLGo, Cubs, go!
  36. saturday night live
    Chicago Cubs Players Will Be on SNL This WeekendBecause, you know, historic win and stuff.
  37. go cubs go
    No One Enjoyed the Cubs World Series Win More Than Bill MurraySpray the Champagne.
  38. the sports section
    Bill Murray Gives Random Cubs Fan a Free TicketHark! A wild Bill appears.
  39. take a load off eddie
    Bill Murray, Eddie Vedder Celebrate Cubs WinThey sang “The Weight.”
  40. roll clip!
    Watch Superfan Bill Murray React to the Chicago Cubs’ World Series Game-5 WinMurray might be the real winner.
  41. roll clip!
    Bill Murray Sings ‘Take Me Out to the Ballgame’As Daffy Duck, no less.
  42. murrayisms
    Bill Murray to Sing Tonight at the World SeriesIt’s only right.
  43. unsolved mysteries
    No One Can Decide Whether This Is a Picture of Bill Murray or Tom Hanks It’s the dress dilemma all over again.
  44. What Happened When Bill Murray Was Honored at the Kennedy CenterMiley Cyrus recovered from some mistakes, David Letterman spoke from the heart, and Bill Murray was Bill Murray.
  45. bill murray sightings
    Bill Murray Stops by White House Press BriefingWhy not?
  46. bill murray
    Bill Murray Debuts ‘Irreverent’ Golf Apparel LineIt’s time for William Murray Golf.
  47. Bill Murray Bartends; You Pretend You’re ThereIn the immortal words of Jean-Paul Sartre: Bottoms up.
  48. barkeeps
    Bill Murray Is Bartending in BK This WeekendBill Murray is bartending in Greenpoint this weekend — or at least he was, until you nerds found out about it.
  49. theater adaptations
    The Groundhog Day Musical Is Coming to BroadwayIt will make its U.S. debut in April at the August Wilson Theater.
  50. chat room
    Ivan Reitman Talks Ghostbusters and Bill Murray“Let me tell you, no one’s ever forced Bill to be nice.”
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