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  1. chat room
    Bill Nighy Explains His Deep New Love of Pokémon“The thing that made a big impression on me was the Pokédex … It is a kind of fetish.”
  2. celebrity collections
    Bill Nighy Is a Pokémon Master NowHis favorite pokémon? “The ancient Mew.”
  3. chat room
    Bill Nighy on Aging Actors, Their Finest, and the Love Actually Sequel“There’s a dangerous period around your late 30s, early 40s, where on a good day you look 36 and on a bad day you look 49.”
  4. theater
    Theater Review: An Illuminating SkylightFundamentally different acting styles co-exist beautifully.
  5. encounter
    Dining With Bill Nighy, Broadway’s Newest ChefIn Skylight, he plays a restaurateur. Offstage, he eats mostly by himself. (But not tonight.)
  6. movies
    Best Exotic Marigold Hotel 2 Pretty Much OkayChances are, if you liked The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, you’ll like the second best one as well.
  7. sliding doors
    Bill Nighy Could Have Been the New DoctorOn Doctor Who.
  8. exclusive
    See an Exclusive Best Exotic Marigold Hotel ClipIt feels like Judi Dench is getting flirty.
  9. movie review
    Movie Review: Wrath of the Titans Is a Missed Opportunity It’s better than Clash, but it’s still not particularly good.
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    Bill Nighy Sizes Up Rupert Grint’s Sex Appeal and Dishes on His ‘Fabulous’ Harry Potter Wig“There are many young women all over the world — and perhaps young men, too — who really would yearn to be in my situation and see Rupert naked in a bath full of milk.”
  11. the hobbit
    Peter Jackson Announces Hobbit CastIt’s a nice distraction from that nasty battle he’s having with a New Zealand union.
  12. trailer mix
    Wild Target Trailer: Oh Look, It’s Another Hit Man!And he’s played by Bill Nighy.
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    Bill Nighy Refuses to Do Shakespeare Without Access to a Righteous Pair of Leather PantsPlus: Jack White bags on Santana!
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    Busty Clairvoyant Has the Hots for Edward CullenPlus: David Johansen finally admits what we’ve known all along.
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    Harry Potter Films Continue to Keep British Actors Gainfully EmployedPlus: Will Mark Ronson write the next Bond anthem?
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    Daniel Craig Is Gonna Live ForeverPlus: Scarlett Johansson is nobody’s Juno.
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    Marisa Tomei Is Not Just a Naked LadyAnd Clint Eastwood explains how he’s mastered the nasty-old-bigot role.
  18. the industry
    Breaking: DriveShaft Bassist Joins the X-Men!Plus industry news on Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, and Coldplay.
  19. the industry
    Michael Sheen and Bill Nighy Get Their Own Headline, But Alas, It Is for ‘Underworld 3’Plus industry news on Harvey Keitel, Bill Nighy, and Pink Floyd.
  20. countdown
    Casting the Next Harry Potter MovieLet’s find roles for the six or so British and Irish actors who haven’t already been employed by the Harry Potter series.
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    Michael Moore Defends His Journalism. Sort Of.
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    ‘Bride of Chucky’: Not for Intellectuals