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  1. role call
    Helen Hunt Answers Every Question We Have About TwisterThe actress on performing with Bill Paxton, what it was like to be temporarily blinded on set, and what her future with the franchise looks like.
  2. friday night movie club
    Twister Is the Perfect ’90s Disaster MovieHelen Hunt and Bill Paxton bickering about who gets to throw themself in front of a tornado first, while giving each other the F me eyes? Say less.
  3. bill paxton
    Bill Paxton’s Family Suing Hospital for Wrongful DeathPaxton died in February 2017 of a stroke following heart surgery. He was 61.
  4. r.i.p.
    Bill Paxton’s Cause of Death Confirmed to Be a StrokeThe actor passed away February 25, following surgery.
  5. remembrances
    Training Day’s Creator Remembers Bill Paxton’s Humor and Grace on Set“No one worked harder or was harder on Bill than he was on himself.”
  6. interviews
    This Is a Story Bill Paxton Told Me About Young LoveWhile discussing his movie Mean Dreams last summer, Bill Paxton recalled his own tale of youthful lovers thwarted.
  7. tributes
    Conan Remembers Actor and Nice Guy Bill Paxton With a Sweet Tombstone StoryPaxton, actor in Twister and Aliens, died on Sunday. He was 61.
  8. tributes
    Storm Chasers Inspired by Twister Paid a Grand Tribute to Bill PaxtonHere’s to the Extreme.
  9. remembrances
    Bill Paxton, the Consummate Everyman, Was at His Best on Big LoveHis everyman qualities made him an ideal leading man on the HBO series.
  10. Ron Howard Remembers Bill Paxton’s ‘Charm’ and ‘Admirable Joie de Vivre’Bill Paxton, actor in Apollo 13, Aliens, and Twister, died on Sunday. He was 61.
  11. tributes
    James Cameron Remembers Friend, Collaborator, and ‘Creative Dynamo’ Bill Paxton“I hope that amid the gaudy din of Oscar night, people will take a moment to remember this wonderful man.”
  12. tributes
    Celebrities Grieve the Death of Bill PaxtonPaxton died Saturday at the age of 61.
  13. r.i.p.
    Bill Paxton Dead at 61The actor died from complications due to surgery.
  14. Training Day Is Cop TV at Its WorstThis CBS series, based on the Denzel Washington–Ethan Hawke film, is an inferior follow-up.
  15. casting couch
    Bill Paxton Is the Denzel of CBS’s Training Day SequelThe race roles are switched in the sequel.
  16. movies
    Bill Paxton on Trading Quotes With Tom Cruise“Actors always know the credit the other actor is most proud of.”
  17. party chat
    Bill Paxton: ‘Guns Are an Extension of the Penis’“That’s why guys like to play with them, because they like to play with their penises.”
  18. matt zoller seitz
    TV Review: Hatfields & McCoys Turns the Macho Code Inside OutThe History Channel miniseries is grim and despairing, but that’s a compliment.
  19. chat room
    Bill Paxton Named His Beard ‘The Growler’“It wasn’t the most attractive beard.”
  20. party chat
    Bill Paxton Loves What 3-D Has Done for Kate Winslet’s Figure“Like, damn. No wonder Leo had a hard time drawing.”
  21. movies
    Bill Paxton Will Direct Kung FuA movie version of the classic TV show.
  22. clickables
    Watch a Super-Cut of Every Line Said by Bill Paxton in AliensA tour de force performance.
  23. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Justin Bieber Tweets With Letterman on The Late ShowPlus, Amy Poehler warns about the dangers of online pumpkin porn, on our regular late-night roundup.
  24. movies
    See the Bill Paxton Pinball Game in ActionThe placement of the flippers over Brittany Daniel’s bosom is particularly inspired.
  25. collaborations
    James Cameron and Kathryn Bigelow Join Forces for Sexy, Wild West Eighties Music VideoIt’s a collaboration between the formerly married Oscar-nominated directors for a song by Bill Paxton’s long-defunct new-wave band.
  26. quote machine
    Vampire Weekend Guy Dreams a DreamPlus: Bill Paxton is so tired of all these wives.
  27. chat room
    Big Love’s Bill Paxton on Helping Inspire Women’s Interest in PolygamyWomen are saying, “You know, maybe there are benefits to being one of three wives.”
  28. the industry
    Tom Hanks to Debunk the Debunkers