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  1. movies
    Oh Yeah, Bill Pullman Saw That Trump Independence Day Deepfake VideoA sentence that would be blissfully unrecognizable to our ancestors.
  2. Let’s Reconsider Sleepless in Seattle From Walter’s PerspectiveWalter, played by Bill Pullman, is the quintessential boring pushover who gets dumped, in this case by Meg Ryan. But Walter deserves better!
  3. trailer mix
    The Sinner Season Two Teaser: Look Who’s Sinning Now (It’s Carrie Coon)The Sinner returns August 1.
  4. castings
    Carrie Coon Is Your New Star of The SinnerShe will play a mysterious cult leader trying to build utopia in upstate New York.
  5. Matt Bomer Goes Fully Rugged in New Trailer for Walking OutThe prettiest woodsman in all of Montana has a bad encounter with a grizzly bear.
  6. tv review
    The Sinner Is a Superbly Executed Murder MysteryIt understands that every mystery is ultimately an exercise in people-watching.
  7. intergalactic casting couch
    Bill Pullman Reelected for Independence Day 2Pullman will not go quietly into the night.
  8. castings
    Liam Hemsworth to Star in New Independence Day?He’d take the place — if not the part — of Will Smith.
  9. casting couch
    Jeff Goldblum and Bill Pullman Will Be Back for Independence Day SequelsWho needs Will Smith?
  10. ‘1600 Penn’ Preview: A Fat Man Trying On Different Sized Coats1600 Penn technically premiered with a “sneak preview” last month, but is making its “official premiere” tonight at 9:30 P.M. Eastern on […]
  11. Watch the Pilot to NBC’s New Sitcom ‘1600 Penn’ Right Here, Right Now Here’s the pilot episode of NBC’s new midseason sitcom 1600 Penn, starring Josh Gad, Jenna Elfman, Bill Pullman, and some other people as the […]
  12. casting couch
    Bill Pullman to Play Our President Again, Thank GodIn Josh Gad’s 16oo Penn.
  13. clickables
    Watch a Belated But Excellent Citywide Reenactment of the Bill Pullman Independence Day SpeechPeople of Subway, we will not go quietly into the night!
  14. broadwaypocalypse
    Julia Stiles Fails to Save BroadwaySurely there must be some way to pin some of the blame for the failure of ‘Oleanna’ on Jeremy Piven, right?
  15. the industry
    Jason Lee to Try On Blue Suede ShoesPlus: Winnie Mandela gets a biopic! The Mol strikes again! And it’s curtains for ‘Oleanna’!
  16. quote machine
    Peter Jackson Considers Roasting Stanley Tucci in the Fires of MordorPlus: J.J. Abrams is still sensitive to ‘Star Trek’ criticism.
  17. broadway
    Julia Stiles Set to Save Broadway!She’ll be starring alongside Bill Pullman in ‘Oleanna.’
  18. the industry
    Make a Date With ‘Iron Man 2’ in April 2010Not to mention ‘Thor,’ ‘The Avengers,’ and ‘Captain America.’
  19. the industry
    Jack Black: ‘Man-Witch’!
  20. overnights
    ‘Big Love’: We’re With You, Barb!Everyone’s favorite family of Utah polygamists are back.
  21. the industry
    No ‘Doubt’ About It: It’s Meryl and Philip