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  1. where's the beef?
    Smash Mouth and Smashing Pumpkins Have Beef Now and You Have to ChooseAre you a rat in a cage or walkin’ on the sun?
  2. Billy Corgan Is (Still) Angsty and He Knows It“I’m a class-A heel.”
  3. A Complete Timeline of All the Smashing Pumpkins Reunion DramaThere’s probably still more to come.
  4. Smashing Pumpkins Announce Tour and Reunion LineupThe Shiny and Oh So Bright tour kicks off in July … without former bassist D’arcy Wretzky.
  5. the sports section
    Billy Corgan Smashes His Relationship With TNA Wresting, Sues OwnersThe wrestling world is a vampire, too, apparently.
  6. the sports section
    Smashing News: Billy Corgan Is the New President of TNA WrestlingThis guy can’t be tamed.
  7. tributes
    Billy Corgan Shares Thoughtful Tribute to Scott Weiland“If you asked me who I truly believed were the great voices of our generation, I’d say it were he, Layne, and Kurt.”
  8. tea party
    Let B. Corgan Take Care of Your Halloween PlansMadame Zuzu’s Tea Shop is going to be the place to be.
  9. the blurred lines effect
    Miguel Credits Billy Corgan on a New SongCall it the “Blurred Lines” Effect.
  10. siamese dream
    Here’s Billy Corgan on the Cover of Paws ChicagoWith his cats.
  11. side projects
    Billy Corgan Is Opening a Tea ShopThe world is a saucer.
  12. in memoriam
    Kurt Loder, David Cross, and More Remember Adam Yauch“He was one of those Dune obsessives, and so am I. Here’s a movie that even its director hates, but we don’t care.”
  13. quote machine
    Justin Bieber Is Like the White TupacPlus: Pee Wee Herman uses “science” to explain why that wasn’t him masturbating.
  14. quote machine
    Spoiler Alert: Lost Finale to Take Place at Chuck E. CheesePlus: Michael Caine Googles self.
  15. beef
    Billy Corgan Is Being Mean to Courtney Love on Twitter“Only u could abandon such a beautiful, incredible child who is smarter than u, cooler than u, and better than u.”
  16. dos and don'ts
    So You’ve Decided to Join the Smashing PumpkinsA helpful list of dos and don’ts when it comes to working for Billy Corgan.
  17. apologies
    Courtney Love Wants to Be Pals With Billy Corgan AgainJust check her Facebook page.
  18. quote machine
    Kristen Stewart Treated Dakota Fanning Like a LadyPlus: Gerard Butler used to get laid way more.
  19. fame
    Billy Corgan Wants YouHe’s holding open auditions for Smashing Pumpkins again.
  20. quote machine
    Colin Farrell No Fan of SelfPlus: Billy Corgan is so modest.
  21. quote machine
    Mariah Carey Is Still Complaining About That Mustache in PreciousPlus: Billy Corgan is jealous of Dave Navarro’s nipple rings.
  22. divas
    Billy Corgan Will Have None of Your H1N1 Brain Control JuiceDoesn’t he have some pumpkins to smash?
  23. divas
    Despite All His Rage, Billy Corgan’s Still Just a Rat in a Steel-Cage MatchWho would’ve ever thought Billy Corgan would get involved in professional wrestling?
  24. beef
    Even Jimmy Chamberlain Thinks the Recent Smashing Pumpkins Output Is Garbage“I won’t pretend I’m into something I’m not.”
  25. the industry
    Anne Hathaway Is Kind of Busy Right NowPlus: Hopkins does Hemingway.
  26. cha-ching!
    Today Is the Greatest Payday I’ve Ever KnownWho ever said the credit market was dead?
  27. quote machine
    Sight of Mickey Rourke Is Harrowing for Mickey Rourke TooBobby Brown: ‘The word on the street is that I’m well-endowed.’
  28. quote machine
    Guy Who Rolled Cross Joint in Pineapple Express Was Also in Other MoviesAlso: Jon Pareles is the world’s last remaining Smashing Pumpkins fan.
  29. beef
    Billy Corgan: Eddie Vedder Exclusively to Blame for Cubs’ Crappy SeasonSmashing Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan has called out Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder for, of all things, the Cubs’ disappointing season.
  30. quote machine
    Even Fergie Tired of Her SingingPlus: Miley Cyrus on Dolly Parton, and Josh Hamm on his former career in soft-core porn!
  31. quote machine
    Adam Sandler and Kevin James Both Gay for Adam SandlerColin Farrell, Pras, and Billy Corgan on why he should give up music forever!
  32. leak of the week
    Smashing Pumpkins Album Not As Lousy As We Expected!As far as cynical cash-ins go, you could definitely do worse!
  33. right-click
    Billy Corgan No Longer Rat in Cage