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Billy Magnussen

  1. bond 25
    Extremely Chiseled Jawlines of Rami Malek and Billy Magnussen Might Join Bond 25The movie needs a villain and an American CIA agent.
  2. Jake Gyllenhaal Likes a Challenge, Says Director Dan Gilroy“Jake shows a new side of himself every film he does.”
  3. chat room
    Maniac’s Billy Magnussen on Playing a ‘Colorful Douchebag’“It’s probably an accurate representation.”
  4. in development
    Sharon Horgan Developing Amazon Self-Help Comedy Co-Starring Billy MagnussenIn which a “broken” woman starts a self-help company and hires a former gymnast to be the face of it.
  5. castings
    Your Crushes Tiffany Haddish and John Cho Join The OathIt’s a satirical thriller that involves pledging an oath of loyalty.
  6. casting couch
    Billy Magnussen Will Play a New, White Prince in the Live-Action AladdinMagnussen will play a character named Prince Anders.
  7. theater
    Theater Review: Sex With Strangers Has a Sitcom Touch, But a Good OneWith David Schwimmer at the helm.