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  1. book excerpt
    Excerpt: Novelist Philip Roth’s Agonizing Marriage to Claire Bloom“God, I’m fond of adultery,” Roth liked to say. “Aren’t you?”
  2. biographies
    Mel Brooks Was Paid $500K for a Never-Released ProjectDiving into some of the most interesting stories from a new biography about the filmmaker.
  3. Andy Kaufman Gets Illustrated in ‘Is This Guy for Real?’Around 2010, I worked at a coffee shop for a man who believed Andy Kaufman was still alive. It had been a generation since Kaufman’s apparent […]
  4. media
    Joe Hagan on His Controversial New Jann Wenner BiographyAuthor Joe Hagan discusses his new book about Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner.
  5. biographies
    Rolling Stone Founder Jann Wenner Is Reportedly Unhappy With His New BiographyThe book is said to detail much of his sexual history while running Rolling Stone.
  6. Jason Zinoman’s Book ‘Letterman: The Last Giant of Late Night’ Is Out in […]New York Times columnist Jason Zinoman has a new book out next year about David Letterman that’s currently available for pre-order. Titled […]
  7. A Lorne Michaels Biography Is in the Works from Susan MorrisonThere are plenty of books out there for SNL fans, and now there’s a new one to look forward to: an authorized biography of Lorne Michaels. […]
  8. books
    New Biography Renews the Fight Over Saul BellowBrute or genius? Loathed or loved? For me, the war is personal.
  9. biographies
    The First Comprehensive Biography of Beyoncé Is on Its WayIt’s unauthorized.
  10. literary life
    Jonathan Franzen Will Have a BiographyBut it’s not going to be gossipy.
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    New York Times Reporter Penning Robin Williams BiographyDave Itzkoff has written about Williams a number of times over the years.
  12. biographies
    Richard Cohen to Pen a Nora Ephron BiographyThe Washington Post columnist was the first speaker at Ephron’s funeral.
  13. Peter Serafinowicz Will Sing You Morrissey’s Autobiography as Morrissey The very funny Peter Serafinowicz uploaded this video today, in which he sings the first page of Morrissey’s new autobiography as Morrissey. […]
  14. Watch Chris O’Dowd Improvise His Biography Here’s Chris O’Dowd in Improvised Biography, a web series from Late Night with Jimmy Fallon in which famous people, um, improvise their […]
  15. The Other Belushi Biographer Breaks Down ‘Wired’ Journalist Bob Woodward’s journalistic tactics were called into question a couple weeks ago over a dispute with the White House, and Tanner […]
  16. books
    Which David Foster Wallace Biography Proposal Sold and Which One Didn’t?The answer might surprise you.