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  1. bionic woman
    No Amount of Pain Can Keep Stockard Channing OffstageStockard Channing: Bionic Woman.
  2. strike zone
    Writers’ Strike Starting to Get Kind of DepressingRemember back the Writers Guild strike was fresh and exciting, and it seemed like a big fun party for all the picketers? It’s not like that anymore.
  3. chat room
    ‘Bionic Woman’ Michelle Ryan Does Her Own Stunts, InterviewsAs we probably should’ve anticipated, Ryan answered Vulture’s questions with cool, robotic efficiency, and demonstrated a superhuman ability at dodging inquiries about Isaiah Washington.
  4. the take
    ‘Bionic Woman’ Is the Fall TV Season’s First HitWhat did Vulture say about Bionic way back in May?
  5. the take
    Will the Gays Love ‘Bionic Woman’?Can prospective gay fans overlook Isaiah Washington?
  6. the industry
    ‘Sex and the City’ Throws Jennifer Hudson a Frigging BonePlus industry news on Naomi Campbell, Jonathan Groff, and Catherine Breillat.
  7. beef
    Exec Fight: Ben Silverman vs. Steve McPhersonThis seems like a beef that can only be settled one way: with a sunset knife fight on the Malibu cliffs.
  8. the industry
    Mandy Patinkin Goes AWOL From ‘Criminal Minds’Plus industry news on Ben Silverman and NBC, the Weinstein Company’s mob movie, and Jared Leto and Sarah Polley’s new film.
  9. the early word
    NBC’s ‘Bionic Woman’: She’s Got Super-Enhanced Legs, and She’s Learning How to Use Them
  10. news reel
    TV Upfronts: What’s New on NBC