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  1. bioshock
    Clash Members to Executive Produce Movie About the ClashJones and Simonon are in the preproduction stages of a biopic to be penned by playwright Jez Butterworth about the making of ‘London Calling.’
  2. bioshock
    Borat to Play Freddie MercurySacha Baron Cohen just signed on to play Queen leader Freddie Mercury in a biopic to be scripted by biopic expert Peter Morgan.
  3. bioshock
    Which of the Four Upcoming John DeLorean Biopics Are You Most Excited For?The daughter of John DeLorean announced today that she, too, is working on a movie about her father.
  4. bioshock
    Marlon Wayans Is Self-Aware“Look, I want to be able to make the stupidest movies ever … “
  5. bioshock
    Finally, a Muhammad Biopic From the Producer of The Matrix’Matrix’ producer Barrie Osborne wants $150 million to make a Muhammad biopic.
  6. bioshock
    Will a Role in a Richard Pryor Biopic Finally Win Marlon Wayans an Oscar?We guess this isn’t, technically, the worst idea we’ve ever heard.
  7. awesome
    After Seeing District 9, We Can’t Help But Wonder What Neill Blomkamp’s Halo Would’ve Been LikeEven better, how about ‘Bioshock’?
  8. the industry
    Jon Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt Fight CensorshipPlus: ‘Videodrome’ gets a remake.
  9. the industry
    Samuel L. Jackson to Star in Basically ‘Torture: The Movie’Plus: Alexander Payne’s next movie, and the big names behind ‘Bioshock.’
  10. ranters and ravers
    Video-Game Critics Now As Powerless As Movie CriticsBut now, thanks to the market-expanding popularity of the Nintendo Wii, gamers are buying crap just like the rest of us.
  11. ranters and ravers
    Are Video Games Art? Not If You’re Terrible at Video Games!Ever since Jesus returned to Earth last November in the form of the Nintendo Wii, there’s been a renewed interest in the age-old debate over whether video games can be considered art.
  12. apropos of nothing
    BioShock: The ‘Superbad’ of Video Games?Gamers have been dying to find a game so deep that even old movie critics could endorse it. Enter BioShock.