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  1. sliding doors
    Lana Del Rey Almost Named Her Latest Album Bird WorldPicture it: a world … of birds.
  2. roll clip!
    The Birds in Netflix’s New Nature Doc Are Some Big Ole FreaksTickle my face with your tail feather so I know it’s real.
  3. John Oliver Has Some Harsh Words for ‘Disgusting Sky Mice’ Before They Fly […]Last Week Tonight is still on hiatus, but thankfully the show released a new web exclusive where John Oliver covers an extremely important […]
  4. international drama
    Taylor Swift’s Film Crew Has Upset New Zealand ConservationistsIt’s all about those shake shake shaking vehicles.
  5. Will Ferrell Is Tired of Answering Personal Questions About His BirdHere’s a clip from Will Ferrell’s visit to last night’s Conan, where O’Brien overwhelms him with tons of personal, invasive questions about […]
  6. Visit Celebirding, a Blog That Mashes Up Celebrities and BirdwatchingAnd it’s pretty cuckoo.
  7. Cee Lo Green Just Messing With Us NowHe replaced his cat with a pink bird.
  8. andy cohen
    Watch Andy Cohen Get Attacked by a BirdBut he was in the middle of a really important question!
  9. Joss Whedon is a Pooping Expert or a BirdSadly, BriTANick’s new video “The Coach” isn’t a remake of the Craig T. Nelson tour de force, Coach. Not sadly, it stars Joss Whedon as a bird. […]
  10. music
    See an Adorable Featherless Cockatoo Sing Simon & GarfunkelOphelia the cockatoo is actually a boy, and he has a gift for song.