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  1. very real things that are real
    Why Isn’t Anyone Talking About Tiny Secret Whispers?It’s time for TV critics to stop ignoring Seth Meyers.
  2. last night on late night
    You Know Exactly What Happens in This Paul Rudd Conan ClipThe best running gag on late-night TV is alive and well!
  3. good one podcast
    The Joke That Defined Gay Villains ForeverOn this week’s Good One podcast, James Adomian revisits his bit about what all the TV and movie villains of his childhood had in common.
  4. jokes
    A Brief History of the Spit TakeIt’s time to give this tried-and-true comedy bit a little recognition.
  5. the great bits
    The Great Bits: Paul F. Tompkins’s “Peanut Brittle”The writing in “Peanut Brittle” is as surprising as the subject matter.
  6. the great bits
    The Great Bits: Patton Oswalt’s ‘Steak’The best bits stay in your mind years after hundreds of other bits disappear. One such bit is Patton Oswalt’s ‘Steak’.
  7. Revisiting Larry Miller’s Classic Bit ‘The Five Levels of Drinking’How could anybody have anything new to say about the near-universal human experience of getting drunk and acting stupid? Larry Miller found a way.
  8. Rich Vos and Zach Broussard Had an Amazing Confrontation Over a Joke Top […]Are you in the mood for a bit-off? Because that’s apparently what happened recently between comedians Zach Broussard and Rich Vos on a recent […]
  9. A Thinkpiece About Bits (Not a Bit)A bit is a joke, usually amongst a select group of people, played with some sincerity. A bit is a comedic take on a reality. An imaginary spin […]
  10. Amy Poehler and Jimmy Kimmel Both Love Bits Last night on Late Night, Amy Poehler and Jimmy Kimmel both bonded over their mutual love of doing bits and how they were each excited to have […]
  11. Simon Helberg Did a Bunch of Bits on ‘Conan’ Is this what Big Bang Theory is like? Just an autistic super genius and a blonde lady watching this guy’s character run shtick? If so, sign me […]