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  1. movies
    The 2020 Hollywood Black List Has Biopics, Beanie Babies, and a Harry Potter BotHere are the best unproduced movie scripts in Hollywood.
  2. tv ratings
    Can The Blacklist Revive NBC’s Dismal Ratings?It’s a gamble the network needs to take.
  3. Bo Burnham, Eric Slovin, and Leo Allen Make This Year’s Black ListThe Black List, an annual ranking of the best-liked unproduced screenplays from a survey of studio and production execs, was released today, […]
  4. NBC Rewind: BlacklistGet a quick recap of the first episode of NBC’s hotly anticipated new show The Blacklist
  5. Some Comedy Screenplays Made the 2012 Black List The 2012 Black List was just announced yesterday, an annual ranking of the year’s most popular unproduced screenplays, as voted by hundreds […]
  6. castings
    Robert Pattinson to Star in Thriller About Saddam Hussein CapturePattinson will play the Army interrogator involved in Hussein’s capture.