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Black Swan

  1. vulture lists
    The 50 Greatest Movie Dance Scenes of All TimeCall Me By Your Name, Purple Rain, Black Swan, Paddington 2, and more.
  2. winter olympics 2018
    Watch Alina Zagitova’s Record-breaking Olympic Short Program to Black SwanThis Russian showdown has delivered all the theatrics.
  3. Darren Aronofsky Movies, RankedIn honor of Mother!, we ranked every Darren Aronofsky movie, from The Wrestler to Requiem for a Dream.
  4. settlements
    Fox Settles Its Black Swan Intern Lawsuit Interns who worked in Fox’s NYC offices between 2005-2010 are now $495 richer.
  5. beefs
    Poor, Abused Fox Searchlight Interns Seeking Others to Join the FightSay unpaid coffee duty is widespread at the Fox Entertainment Group.
  6. timely ideas
    Scary Movie 5 Will Be a Black Swan ParodyVery timely, very on trend.
  7. movies
    Black Swan Writer Tackling the Horrific World of Facebook’XOXO’ isn’t about ‘Gossip Girl,’ it’s about social networking.
  8. dance
    Benjamin Millepied Retires From the City BalletHe’ll still choreograph, though.
  9. beefs
    Fox Searchlight Blames Darren Aronofsky for Intern AbuseThe studio has issued a response to last week’s ‘Black Swan’ lawsuit.
  10. beefs
    Interns Sue Black Swan for Making Them Do Intern ThingsThey had to make sure the coffee pot was full!
  11. the star market
    Star Market: Is Mila Kunis Leading-Lady Material?She’s pretty and popular, but is that enough?
  12. clickables
    Watch the Rebecca Black/Black Swan Mash-UpIt settles the front seat/back seat question once and for all. (Because the back seat is where Mila Kunis lets her fingers do the walking.)
  13. feuds
    Natalie Portman’s Black Swan Ballerina Double Cries Foul“Of the full body shots, I would say 5 percent are Natalie,” she says.
  14. virgin whore complex
    Last Night’s Bachelor Finale Was Black Swan vs. White SwanGuess who won?
  15. clickables
    Watch Sassy Gay Friend Get Real With Nina From Black Swan“Buy some nail clippers.”
  16. vulture lists
    The Many Scarves of Darren AronofskyThe ‘Black Swan’ director enjoys his neckwear.
  17. awards
    The Many Black Swan Winners Freeze Their Feathers Off at the Independent Spirit AwardsWe also have the list of cold, cold winners.
  18. fact-check
    Can a Ballerina Make Out With Her Alternate Self? An Expert Debunks Multiple-Personality Movie TropesDo all real split-personality patients have a “little girl” alter? Do they talk to themselves in the mirror? And much more.
  19. clickables
    See MADtv’s Ms. Swan Dance the Black Swan“Échappé! Dave Chappelle!”
  20. clickables
    See Tyler Perry’s Madea As the ‘Real’ Black SwanShe looks a lot like Queen Elizabeth II.
  21. your box office explained
    The Rite Performs Only All Right’The Rite’ opened to $15 million, or $4 million less than expected.
  22. clickables
    See a Short Breakdown of Black Swan’s Visual EffectsWings, feathers, and basic hallucinations.
  23. oscar race 2011
    The Oscar Nominees Are Out — Now Here Are Their NarrativesVulture’s taken a look at the newest crop of contenders and the careful narrative crafted for each.
  24. weekend box office
    Weekend Box Office: The Green Hornet Scores, The Dilemma DisappointsThough ‘The Dilemma’ still placed second.
  25. kudos
    The Social Network Wins Best Picture at Critics Choice AwardsNatalie Portman takes home a trophy, too.
  26. ranters and ravers
    Vulture Critics’ Poll: What’s the Worst Movie of 2010?The definitive survey of terribleness in film, with ballots and commentary from 50 of America’s most prominent critics.
  27. golden globes
    Every Golden Globes Prediction, EverNatalie Portman and Annette Bening were picks for the top actress categories.
  28. kudos
    Social Network Lands On BAFTA’s Potential-Nominees List, Scores National Society of Film Critics AwardSaves children.
  29. clickables
    Watch the Avatar Makeup Girl’s Excellent Black Swan TutorialSilver eye shadow “reminds us of how badly we want to bone our dance teacher.”
  30. engagements
    Natalie Portman Pregnant, Engaged to Black Swan Co-starThe baby is due sometime next year.
  31. laws
    Black Swan Gets Involved in LawsuitHaving to do with executive producers, production companies, and credit.
  32. kudos
    Some Lady Critics Have Issues With Black SwanThe Women Film Critics Circle Awards gives it the “Worst Female Images in a Movie” award.
  33. oscars
    No Oscars for Black Swan, True Grit ScoresSorry, guys.
  34. kudos
    Black Swan Leads Nominees for Critics’ Choice AwardsIt got twelve nominations, but ‘True Grit’ and ‘The King’s Speech’ weren’t far behind.
  35. weekend box office
    Johnny Depp Can’t Save The TouristWhile ‘Black Swan’ soars.
  36. kudos
    Social Network Wins L.A. and Boston Critics AwardsAlso: ‘Tiny Furniture.’
  37. clickables
    Watch the Black Swan/Showgirls Trailer Mash-UpIt is amazing.
  38. fact-check
    We Ask a Real Ballerina if Dancing Swan Lake Really Makes You CrazyAre mirrors really detrimental to a dancer’s mental state? We find out!
  39. bad moms
    The Eight Worst Moms of Oscar SeasonA year after Mo’Nique child-abused her way to Oscar glory in ‘Precious,’ there’s a stampede of crappy mothers chasing trophies.
  40. talk
    Review Black Swan in One SentencePerfection allows no room for excess punctuation.
  41. slideshow
    Is Black Swan the Art-House Version of Showgirls?Here are eight similarities.
  42. chat room
    Black Swan Choreographer Benjamin Millepied on Teaching Natalie Portman to Have Swan Arms“She has that spongelike intelligence with her body. She’s obviously smart, but there are a lot of smart people who can’t move.”
  43. clickables
    Watch Mila Kunis Discuss Her World of Warcraft AddictionYou can tell that she misses her “little twinks running around.”
  44. fugging it up
    The Fug Girls Dissect Natalie Portman’s Red-Carpet StyleShe’s likely headed to the Oscars, so she’s clearly in warm-up mode.
  45. chat room
    Vincent Cassel on His Abusive Ballet Director in Black Swan: ‘I Really Don’t Think It’s About Getting Laid for Him’“I walk away a lot in this movie. Punch line, and go. Such a diva.”
  46. black swan
    Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis Discussed ‘Awkward’ Sex Scenes, But Not Pulling One Another’s Hair“Darren asked me, ‘Who do you think could do this part? Who has sort of a similar height, coloring, physique?’ I was like, ‘Oh, Mila, Mila, Mila!’”
  47. clickables
    Watch Natalie Portman Dance a Scene From ‘Swan Lake’She goes heavy on the arm-flapping.
  48. kudos
    Winter’s Bone Dominates Ind. Spirit Award NomsBad news for ‘Blue Valentine.’
  49. exclusive
    Watch a Drunken Winona Ryder Accost Natalie Portman in Black Swan“What’d you do to get this role? He always said you were such a frigid little girl … “
  50. kudos
    Letterman Once Again Predicts Natalie Portman Will Win Best ActressIt didn’t go that well the first time.
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