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Blackout Tuesday

  1. radio vulture
    Now Isn’t the Time for More Music-Industry SilenceRecord labels have known about these issues since long before it became radioactive behavior to stay quiet.
  2. cancel’d
    A Teary-Eyed Ashton Kutcher Explains Why You Shouldn’t Say ‘All Lives Matter’Stars — they continue to do their best.
  3. the industry
    WMG Creates Vague $100 Million Anti-Racism Fund Following the Weeknd’s Criticism“No one profits off of black music more than the labels and streaming services,” the Weeknd wrote on Instagram.
  4. blackout tuesday
    12 Documentaries You Should Watch About Racism and Police Brutality in AmericaThey are worth watching today and always.
  5. explainers
    How Did #BlackOutTuesday Go So Wrong So Fast?Kehlani, Lil Nas X, and more have criticized the social-media movement.