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Blade Runner 2049

  1. let’s do it again
    The Hardest Sequel I Ever WroteThe writers behind Blade Runner 2049, Batman Returns, the John Wick sequels, and more on their toughest franchise gigs.
  2. New on HBO: June 2018If you love scary movies, don’t miss It.
  3. halloween costumes
    How to Dress Like Your Favorite Film Characters for Halloween This YearAny idiot can be Pennywise. This year, it’s time to think outside the box.
  4. Is Deckard Actually a Replicant?Blade Runner: 2049 doesn’t exactly settle the debate.
  5. Do Androids Dream of Colossal Women?On Blade Runner 2049, and why we keep imagining a future where our cities play host to gigantic, nude, nameless women.
  6. The Vulnerability of Ryan Gosling in Blade Runner 2049 The sequel has many aesthetic pleasures, but Gosling’s performance gives it weight.
  7. The Secrets Behind Blade Runner 2049’s Surreal ThreesomeDirector Denis Villeneuve explains how they shot that memorable encounter.
  8. Burning Questions We Have About Blade Runner: 2049What was Jared Leto’s whole deal? Why don’t they have cloud computing?
  9. do robots dream of cgi versions of famous actresses from the 80s
    Male Stars Get to Age. Women Get CGI Re-creations of Their Younger Selves.Male actors get to reprise their famous roles again and again, while women must be content to see their hottest selves frozen in digital amber.
  10. blade runner 2049
    Does Blade Runner 2049 Settle the Deckard-As-Replicant Debate?There’s a fair amount of new information.
  11. Oscar Futures: Can a 7-Year-Old Actress Get Nominated This Year?Will The Florida Project’s irrepressible Brooklynn Prince be the youngest Oscar nominee ever?
  12. blade runner 2049
    How Vangelis’s Cult Blade Runner Score Became a ClassicVangelis’s Blade Runner score fostered the film’s cult reputation, and helped reimagine electronic music as we know it.
  13. shenanigans
    Ryan Gosling and Harrison Ford Spend a British TV Interview in Fits of GigglesThe two actors appeared on ITV’s This Morning.
  14. blade runner 2049
    Digging Into the Odd History of Blade Runner’s TitleIt involves William S. Burroughs and a small-town doctor.
  15. The New Blade Runner 2049 Trailer Makes Its Plot Crystal ClearSee Blade Runner 2049 in theaters Friday.
  16. Can Roger Deakins Finally Win an Oscar, for Blade Runner 2049?He’s shot so many of your favorite movies, and this might finally do the trick.
  17. movies
    Blade Runner 2049, Marshall Cancel Red-Carpet Premieres in Wake of Mass ShootingThe studios producing both movies have issued statements in support of those affected by the terror attack.
  18. blade runner 2049
    The Weird World of Blade Runner SpinoffsSequel novels, video games, and … Prometheus?
  19. Harrison Ford Gently Negs Ryan Gosling by Forgetting His Name“Did you say Rosling?”
  20. Blade Runner 2049 Can’t Match Its PredecessorDenis Villeneuve’s vision is more sentimental and less striking than Blade Runner.
  21. Which Cut of Blade Runner Should I Be Watching?Ahead of Blade Runner 2049’s release, we break down the six different versions of Ridley Scott’s classic.
  22. Blade Runner 2022, Neo Yokio and Anime’s Endless Ping-Pong Game of AppropriationNew animated works by the creator of Cowboy Bebop and the front man of Vampire Weekend look back and forward at decades-long cultural exchange.
  23. shorts
    Meet Jared Leto’s Creepy Blade Runner Character in This 2049 Prequel Short FilmJared Leto’s character introduces a new and improved line of replicants.
  24. The Best Dystopian Films Released Between Blade RunnersWe look at the best bad futures brought to the screen between Blade Runners, including Snowpiercer, The Matrix, and Advantageous.
  25. Blade Runner 2049 Trailer: There’s a Replicant on the LooseBlade Runner 2049 will be released October 6.
  26. secrets
    Edward James Olmos Is Talking About Not Talking About Blade Runner 2049The first rule of Blade Runner 2049 is you don’t talk about Blade Runner 2049.
  27. Denis Villeneuve Has Arrived. Now He’s About to Take the Next Step.After cutting his teeth on Sicario and Arrival, the Canadian director is ready to move on to the big time.
  28. first looks
    See More New Blade Runner 2049 First LooksT-shirt technology does not change much in the next 30 years. Good to know.
  29. teaser trailers
    See a Teaser for Blade Runner 2049The first footage from Denis Villeneuve’s Blade Runner sequel, Blade Runner 2049, has arrived.
  30. chat room
    Mackenzie Davis on ‘San Junipero,’ Always Shine“I always grew up thinking that being undesirable is a mortal sin.”
  31. blade runner 2049
    The Blade Runner Sequel Is Blade Runner 2049It’s a pretty good bowl, all things considered.